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Formal wear should strike you as an optimistic man

How much I adore formal wear is actually something that brings butterflies to my stomach. The reason I love this style it is that it makes me more confident, positive, jubilant and overall it channels my mind to always have a positive outlook in life. The same feeling is just as evident in any man who wears formal wear to the tee.

This blog will discuss five benefits of wearing formal wear and how it can make you become an optimistic man.

Dressing sharp is a sign that you will accomplish goals

This is a fact and every man who is serious about getting the job done dresses the part. For example, you are planning on being the Manager of a business, the way you dress should tell people that you are serious and devoted in leading this business forward, so if you wear a blazer or a suit people will definitely trust the services you provide since you look like the Manager and all of a sudden you get to contemplate the advantages of dressing sharp. Even if you are not the Manager yet still dress the part, wear that tieπŸ‘”, that dress shirt and jacket that makes you look good and mature for success.

If you want money wear a necktie

In reality I know you can’t magically get money just by wearing a tie but it is all about the mindset, a man who wears a tie is seen as willing to make a pile of money like he owns the bank. There is this amazing quote by Oscar Wilde that goes like this: “A well tied tie is the first serious step about life” , this message should challenge your mind to actually start seeing the benefits of wearing a tie it is the first step towards glory and success.

Men who wear formal are confident about life

Formal wear is classified into business casual and business formal so if you want to start wearing formal clothing, look no further than these styles here. A man can still look formal in business casual because it is a style that cuts between formal and casual. For example, if you wear a sports jacket or blazer with a simple dress shirt without a necktie you still look sharp and that makes a lot of men more confident in themselves , their business , life and goals.

It doesn’t have to be a suit wear your best it will open doors for you

This has happened to me ever since I started my journey in men’ style. I get to realize that dressing nice and looking the part open doors for a person because people lime the way you appear and perceive you as a man who is ready to worm, a man of integrity and a leader of tomorrow. A well fitted shirt, shoes, good jeans or outerwear that is clean and crisp, this simple style right here opens a door for you as you get to meet people and people like being around a person who is clean and takes good care of himself or herself.

Adding fun accessories in your formal wear show that you are a cool guy

In as much as simple clothes are the go to style for many, I prefer that if you want to be an optimistic man, your clothing should first show that you a fun and a positive individual. For instance, in your business casual style, stuff that blazer with a nice pocket square or a lapel pin, in your necktie include a tie clip and bar if you are opting for a business formal attire, in your dress shirts include cufflinks and even in the shoes include details such as selecting a shoe with contrast colors as a mix of blue and white with a black sole for example.



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