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Men’s Style


How can gentlemen pull off a business casual outfit and still look great?

By Mthobisi Magagula

Business casual is relatively a new style dress code in nowadays . Gone are those days when men were required to wear a suits and tie when at work but now Men’s fashion has taken a slight change in the sense that jeans and casual shirts are now worn even at offices, on dates and on certain events.

Business casual is a dress code like all other dress codes but it’s different from Suits because jeans and other non formal trousers such as Chinos and commuter pants are now a replacement for formal long trousers, so gentlemen can now wear pants that are contrary to formal pants. The modern business casual look can include a sports jacket which has a variety of colors , colored shirts compared to white dress shirts , ties are sometimes not needed depending on the needs of that particular gentleman and then going for casual shoes such as Loafers or slip ons compared to Black formal shoes men wear in the workplace.

The modern business casual look relatively looks like this. A sports jacket , shirt with no tie or shirt with tie depending on your style needs, loafers , suspenders if you don’t want to wear belt and trousers can be jeans or any casual trouser.

Courtesy of Real Men Real Style left infographic

Right picture is an example of myself wearing a business casual outfit.

Usually business casual look does not require a Tie but in my opinion one can wear it to add a bit of detail to the look.

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