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Dapper Style: How to look dapper and stylish in cold weather?

Okay guys let me address the elephant in the room which is how to look dapper and sharp during the fall or cold weather.

It can be very challenging to piece together outfits during cold and rainy days like today. However, by following these tips below, I believe a man can incorporate these looks into his wardrobe and it will make him look sharp.

Firstly, when selecting an outfit whether casual or not in this case I outline items a man can bring into his minimalist wardrobe to look dapper , the fit is key. So, it is cold and rainy outside , one may wonder what to wear in such a bad weather. Below I have a list of items you need for fall or cold scenarios:

Seven key items for cold weather to instantly look dapper:

1) An Overcoat – a man can wear an Overcoat when it is very cold and what’s nice about this is that it can make you feel warmer because it is long and made from a heavy fabric material. Below is an image of a Overcoat outfit .

This coat is from @officialfrontlinex and this store has the best coats. One of the coats I recommend for a dapper Look.
A black Overcoat & outfit by @mthobisimagagula_thestylist. A dapper gentleman who knows how to rock style in cold weather.

2) A turtleneck – I believe this is a key item for cold weather because what’s nice about turtlenecks is that they are conformable. Especially wool or soft fabrics , don’t go for those itchy designs. It really protects the neck and it can be worn on its own.

A black turtleneck by @mthobisimagagula_thestylist.
Turtleneck by men with class.

3) A scarf – scarfs are also more comfortable and can be worn around the neck. They are for cold scenarios specifically but for style purposes they can be more stylish

An infographic on how to tie your scarfs.

4) Gloves – for really cold weather gloves are an essential for men. Especially longer gloves that go well beyond the hand.

Leather gloves

5) Beanie – I mean Men’s hat not literally beans here. These are key for cold cases because they protect the head.

Beanie /Hat
Beanie: Casual Style

6) Boots – boots are more dapper and will be more warmer for Fall
You can replace those running shoes with boots or black sneakers if you are going for a dapper casual look.

Mr Passy wearing black boots. They are an essential during the fall.

7) Watches – Lastly on my list is the watch. I know some may say it is isn’t going to make me warm and I agree , however, if you want to add a bit of style and detail, I suggest a good looking Watch.

Vincero Watches.

A casual green watch .

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