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Hi and good evening my fellow bloggers , it is with great pleasure that I announce that I have been nominated by Pavitha of Small Talk blog for this award the link to her blog:

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How was your day?

Well it was okay. Nothing big but a normal day.

Did you make yourself or anyone happy recently?

I made myself happy on March 15 when I got good news about my application­čśü

Have you ever compared yourself to others?

Not really

How do you handle hatred?

I ignore it and move on

Do you think people these days are on social media a lot?

Yes very

What quality do you find attractive in your friend?

Well my friend is a male, I like his sense of style but as for a girlfriend , I Haven’t seen one!

Can you suggest one of your favorite series/movies?

Suits, Brooklyn 99, Bridgerton the Duke , The flash, For the people & Station 19 for Series and my favorite movie is Kingsman the Golden Circle.

Do you like reading my blog?

Quite a bit­čśé

My Questions

  • In which year did you start blogging?
  • Do you consider yourself a winner or a loser, if so justify why?
  • What inspires you to got for your goals?
  • What new skill did you learn whilst on lockdown?
  • Which Fashion brand is the best: Gucci or Louis Vuitton

My Nominees

Style by Mario –

Noah Oneal –

Explore Mens Fashion Fast –

That is it on my nomination. #appreciatingbloggers2021

T-shirts and blazer outfits combination

Pictures by Mthobisi Magagula

I wouldn’t think of a perfect outfit combination on a Tuesday other than solid t-shirts and blazers for a sunny day. All of these can be accompanied by casual shoes, casual pants and accessories to create a stylish and dapper look.

T-shirts are so versatile in a way that you can wear them with other pieces in your wardrobe such as with blazers or checked shirts or by themselves. This t-shirt and blazer combination falls in the smart casual category because it is casual yet formal at the same time.

Accessories such as Hats and sunglasses­čśÄ can elevate a look.

The blazer or jacket adds a bit of dash to the outfit and a tip here is to always wear a pocket square to appear stylish wherever you step ot go to.

Shoes must be casual, white sneakers and boots will do the trick and the trousers must be simple and not with many graphics or colors. A Jean or Chinos are the go to for selecting trousers.

The great royale sneakers
Converse chuck Taylor white sneakers are another good selection.

How to look your best for after work occasions?

Stepping out after work to meet up with friends or family or to visit places with astonishing views and backgrounds for photography purposes needs a man to dress up for the occasion.

A perfect way to rock style from work wear to casual wear to catch up with your buddies.


To appear more dapper and relaxed after work can be a daunting task especially if you have to meet up with friends or family but this does not have to be the most difficult thing ever, the answer lies in two words: Outfit-combination

1) Combining Blazers with odd trousers & shirts

Combine your Blazers with odd trousers such as chinos & solid dress shirts for after work occasions for a dapper look.

The first element in appearing more lite and relaxed is to ditch the neckties if you were wearing one after work, wear dress shirts unbuttoned or go for polo shirts and checked shirts for a cool style.

For the trousers go for chinos or odd trousers in different colors or jeans but not ripped jeans , those tend to look great with tank tops and t-shirts. For the shoes, go for a pair of chukkas, Boots if it’s cold and sneakers considerably solid white or black they will do the trick because you are not going to the office so black formal shoes are a no go area, in fact don’t even think about those.

Changing outfits from Work wear to Casual Wear

1) Combining T-shirts with trousers.

If the weather permits, t-shirts are ideal for the condition. A nice plain and solid t-shirt with little designs. I highly recommend it and it is the best to choose because they can go alongside jeans and colorful pants. The shoes just be sneakers, avoid sandals unless you are planning a getaway vacation to the beach.

If its hot outside, these are ideal and a no brainer for post work socialising.

Colognes and Grooming

For this blog, I have invited a collaboration from Gift Ideas which is a Cologne collection owned by Anthony on Pinterest. The best Colognes ever gents, I highly recommend you check him on Pinterest or follow him as well.

An expensive outfit on a man looks great but if there are a few key items missing, it is worthless.

Owning a pair of Colognes, Perfumes and fragrances is all it takes to finish the missing factor of style. Grooming as well, have a box where you store shaving gels and nail cleaners and hair products. You will get to

One of the Colognes and fragrances by Gift Ideas. To make you smell as good as you look.

Golden Globe Awards 2021: Showcasing the best dressed Men

The glitz and glamour event for the start of 2021 is the annual GGA – Golden Globe Awards. This event is one of the first ever to be hosted virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

Yes, this was bound to happen, a list revealing the best dressed men according to GQ and other top brands and this ceremony is no exception. The 78th Golden Globe Awards hosted by Tina Fey and Poehler had a chance to tell the world the best dressed Men for this year’s event.

Celebrities, actors and fashionistas as well as influencers who got nominated and actually won showcased their dazzling outfits and style online and live streamed channels.

Below are the Top 8 best dressed Men:

1) Josh O’Connor in Custom Loewe

2) Danny Levy in Valentine Couture

3) Jackson Lee in Gucci

4) Leslie Odom in Valentine Couture

5) Tahar Rahim in Louis Vuitton

Tahar rocked a double breasted Suit.

6) Jon Batiste in Gucci

7) Jared Leto

8) Justin Theroux

End that sums about it about Best Dressed Men of the 78th Golden Globe Awards 2021.

The Purpose of a Well dressed Man

When it comes to style, a gentleman has to have purpose in wearing the clothes.

The quote “Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence in society” is evident in the way we dress and how the outside world makes quick assumptions and judgements based on your dress code.

Before a man utters a single word to another person, already that person has studied your appearance and he or she can either greet you with respect or totally ignore you and go about their way, which is why it is key to dress professionally, appropriately and neat because you may never know who you will meet along the way.

Wearing a blazer makes you mature and it shows that you care about your image.

I am not saying wearing a blazer everyday is necessary but you do need to wear comfortable clothing whether you are going for a casual look or Formal look, the fit and comfy of your clothes is crucial to appear your best out there.

How your personal appearance affects you?

1) The Transformation effect

The power of clothing is that it has the ability to transform a person’s state of mind. Dress like a professional businessman and you are likely to act like one. Students who take a test are more likely to perform exceptionally well when they are perfectly dressed. This effect is so powerful yet few people use it to their advantage.

2) Dressing well improves self-discipline

A person who dresses professionally learns the value of self-discipline. They learn that planning and allocating enough time to get consistent results. They think through their day, anticipate their needs and act on it.

You can still dress appropriately even when wearing casual clothes.

3) Appreciation and Respect

Lastly, a well dressed man will acquire respect and appreciation from people through his overall outfit. A gentleman looks much better when he is wearing well fitted and pressed clothes that make him look respectful in the eyes of society.

How a respected man should dress!

The ultimate guide to formal Wear

There are many definitions to the word “Formal” . One thing that comes to mind when thinking of formal for the vast majority is : A suit, etiquette, forms is address such as Mr. or Mrs. & a well mannered individual. Those are all true but in the context of men style, formal symbolises a well fitted Suit.

A Suit is one way to describe Formal Wear!

Formal Wear is divided into components such as black tie and Tuxedo. It is pivotal that one knows the dress codes associated with a formal wear outfit because if you are invited to an event such as a Wedding and the dress code has been clearly labelled “Black tie” or Formal Suit” and then you don’t adhere to that it will make you look sloppy.

The dress code for formal wear:

  • Black tie
  • White tie
  • Tuxedo
  • Formal Solid Suit not a casual one with bright colors

Formal Wear is the most formal of a dress code than semi-formal.

Dressing for a wedding Ceremony

1) Formal/Black tie attire

Black tie and formal dress codes are strictly reserved for social occasions that call for a high level of dress code.

2) Black tie Suits

For a black tie wedding, a black tie suit such as a Tuxedo is the most appropriate option. The suit should be well tailored for a sleek yet classic look.

3) Black tie shirts

When it comes to your shirt a simple, crisp clean white shirt is the ideal option. I suggest gentleman that you opt for one made from a high fabric to get that solid formal shirt and appear polished.

4) Cocktail wedding attire

Cocktail wedding attire demands one to bridge the gap between casual evening wear and formal wear. This is also a chance for you gents to experiment by adding a bit if your personal style.

Black Tie Attire.
Cocktail Wedding attire.

Hats can upgrade your style

If you want to up your style game, hats are just the item you need to look your very best and conquer the day with confidence.

Now there are tons of hats out there but you need to understand the different types of hats and how to match them with pieces in your wardrobe.

Types of hats:

  • Ascot hats
  • Flap Caps
  • Newsboy
  • Panama Hat
  • Fedora hats
  • Browler
  • Western hats
  • Boater
A gentleman wearing a Panama Hat. Stylish yet simple.

The type of Outfit affects your choice of hats

When choosing a hat, a man can actually evaluate if the hat is perfect for that type of clothing. When wearing a Suit, hats like top hats are ideal and they will make you stand out. Also, when the temperatures spike up, a hat is the best accessory to wear.

Hats that look fine in formal wear

A black tie looks great with a Top Hat.

Hats that look fine in Casual Wear

Mr Okan @mrokan on Instagram. A very stylish man.

Tucked or Untucked Shirts?

Shirts are very versatile and they can be worn with other pieces in your closet but the question remains. Do you wear it tucked or untucked?

The answer to that question really depends on you gentlemen and your personal preference, I know for myself, I tend to wear a shirt untucked when I am going for a casual look paired with shorts or jeans or casual pants.

Factors that determine whether you can wear your shirt tucked:

1) The type of dress shirt – a solid dress shirt with no patterns or graphic designs is key. Go for colors such as black, blue , white and dark red. These shirts in general are worn tucked with formal pants.

2) Design

3) The formality of the event – if you are attending a formal event such as weddings, galas and award ceremonies, this usually require a dressed up look , shirts must always be tucked unless you are going for a casual style.

4) The type of hem

A shows a straight hem B shows an open triangular hem which is ideal for untucked cases.

5) Collar

6) The Fabric or Material

There are plenty of shirts out there. It is not just dress shirts but you can wear it tucked or untucked, it depends on the type of shirt and the fabric it us made from

Shirts that can be worn tucked:

* Dress Shirts

*Long sleeve button down

*Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are cool for casual style. Above Model: Mthobisi Magagula wearing a blue with Patterns flannel. This shirt can also be tucked , as I said it depends on the style.

*Wool shirts

Shirts that can be worn untucked

* Polo shirts


*Rugby shirts

* Henley shirt

* Haiwaiian shirts and floral shirts

Key points to look for to determine the tucking of shirts

1) Shirt length

2) Shirt Waist & Chest

3) Shirt sleeves and shoulders

A sneak peak into the 1900s: Dressing a regency gentleman

A regency gentleman is one that must be well educated and of good family. Also, this must be a man whose income is derived from owning properties as opposed to a man working for a living.

This blog gentlemen aims at informing you about what a regency gentleman must be perceived as and below are provision of images of outfits men wore in the 1900s. According to historical sources the regency man wore white tie more often or evening dress for a stylish yet vintage look. So, want to incorporate this looks in today’s century, this is the post for you.

Regency Gentlemen’s Outfits

White tie

This is a complete white tie outfit. The regency gentlemen wore this in the 1920’s, 1930’s up to late 1990’s.

Seriously gents the white tie was the ideal garment for men, it is usually worn by those in the royal family, such as Princes, Presidents especially in England or the UK & Dukes.

Items that consist of the white tie:

1) A black tail coat worn over a white shirt

2) White pique waistcoat along with an eponymous white bowtie worn around a standing wing collar

A Portairt: The eponymous white bowtie above. This was the vintage look a regency man wore.

3) Mid or high waisted black trousers with galon

4) A trimmed one or two white stripes that conceal the outer seams of the trousers along with black high polished shoes such as leather oxford or court shoes and that completes the “Regency Gentleman look”

Classic and Vintage Styles for the Regency Man

The thing about classic styles is that it never goes out of fashion, have you ever watched a movie or show or seen images that has tons of classic and vintage Styles that date back 2000 years ago but they still look good even today. Why? The thing about this looks , they are unique , original and the costumes were designed by the best tailors in the industry.

Portairt of Wallace Reid in 1919. This sets the bar for what classic & vintage style is.

Which series can you binge watch that has the elegant & classic looks for the regency gentleman?

1) Bridgerton the duke & I (2020)

Netflix ‘s Bridgerton the duke & I really is the most viewed show on the screen

Bridgerton the duke & I cast.

Gents, now we are getting into the film and entertainment part, this is one the series that caught my attention and got me glued because yeah the outfits were splendid and on point. I really liked how the costume designer took a fresh approach in bringing the old Men’s fashion by mixing it with modern with vintage.

My Personal favorite actor in the show is no other than ‘Simon’ real name “Rege Jean Page” who plays the Duke. I mean his outfit, the fit of the Suit or white tie is on point and of course impeccable sense of style.

The look of Rege Jean Page , the patterned waistcoat is outstanding. A regency gentleman of the show.

2) Mr Selfridge (2013)

Another stylish series on the block is Mr Selfridge. The iTV show is one that centers around Mr Selfridge, who plays Gordon Selfridge , he is an entrepreneur who actually has his own store that deals with clothing. He hired women in the Accessories department because he understands that accessories are elegant and it will bring in more customers .

Mr Selfridge Cast.

Business Strategy for marketing fashion blogs

A blog is an informative, educational and promotional platform on the World Wide Web whereby you write your thoughts, ideas, men style quotes , life quotes, technology and digitalization, social media marketing, news media and of course showcasing your business to potential clients online.

In today’s blog gents, I am going off topic about men style and fashion outfits and switching my focus on the business world when it comes to fashion blogs and the difference between a blogging and selling.


Blogging, when I first saw this word I didn’t know what it was, I thought it was about boutiques or something Clothing like but a blog is just an informational platform one can find on the web especially Google but there are different types of blogs and fashion is one of the known blogs.

One of the best mens fashion blogs and websites: Fashion Beans

A typical Blogger is one who writes, publishes, engages the audience and develops a strategy when it comes to marketing his or her blog on social media. A blogger uses one of the following apps to write blogs: WordPress , Tumblr, Eventbrite, etc. There are plenty

Writing a successful blog:

1) Decide what the blog is about.

2) Be unique and keep readers interested by publishing relevant content

3) Market your blog. If you want to drive traffic to your blog, such as getting a lot of likes and followed, you need to engage social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. so that people see the blogs.

4) Have a Schedule on when to publish the blogs. It can be every week, month or once a week or year.

5) Research other successful blogs and get an idea on what you need on your blog.


Selling involves sales and getting money , so when or comes to blogs, it takes time, sure if you have a Suits Company or a small business that sells mens Shirts, shoes and watches, why not engage and find clients to support your business and actually make money. With blogs though, you may charge people who read or access your blog, pay for ad adverts or get sponsorship from the business or blog.

Understand the business model, have a plan and be aware of the risk of online selling in the event of a scam.
If you have a business selling Suits, you can contact potentials clients such as corporate companies with deep pockets or who are willing to sponsor your business or offering them your entrepreneurial services.

Yes there is a quite a difference between selling and blogging but hey gents, there are other ways to collaborate with fashion businesses to effectively market your blog strategy such as: so sponsorship or getaways, contacting other bloggers to write posts for you or offering to write blogs to other sites and offering free products to influencers

A business strategy is all in the idea and once you venture into it, you can get clients who may pay you real money for your service, if you are into selling because blogging is a promotional platform.

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