The creative method of wearing a suit with floral shirts and beach shirts

On Saturday, the 1st of October 2022, I was striding along town with my mind set up and decided to go for a photo shoot given that I admire pictures and clothing, so I thought why not go for a photo shoot to see how my outfit looks like on the lenses. After first seeing the outfit of the day, I went to take pictures in the capital city of Swaziland, called Mbabane and a good photographer took great shots of me and my attire. My outfit included an RT floral shirt, a navy blue suit, Tan Deck Shoes and my great sunglasses, this was my creative style and I love the way the outfit was all put together. This outfit is one method of wearing a suit with such floral shirts but there are other methods of styling a suit with floral shirts or either a beach shirt that will make the outfit pop and creative.

1. Combine the suit with short sleeves floral shirt , print shirt, checked shirt or a beach shirt

Every man at least needs one suit in his closet which he can wear all seasons even during hot and intense weather which are a norm during the spring and summer time. A navy blue suit needs you to wear a shirt that has color intensity such as a short sleeves shirt with flowers on it and brighter patterns. This is one way to dress in a creative manner. Also, for the shoes, I suggest loafers or boat shoes that can be worn without socks.

2. If you don’t have floral shirts bring in creativity in your accessories

It is possible to dress well in your outfit without the floral shirt. However, the outfit needs you to have creative patterns that will make you stand out from a pack of suits guys who wear suits regularly such as Attorneys and Bankers. I recommend pocket squares that are brighter in terms of color, a mix of yellow and green on the handkerchief are just fine , wear a watch that has flowers or are designed with flowers or color if a pocket square is not the type of style you want in your suit jacket. Also, if you don’t love watches and jewelry , you can wear a suit by itself , wear a suit with patterns such as a pin striped suit in grey, pink, yellow, green , Orange and brown. Why. Because these colors are fruitful for the spring and Summer seasons.

3. Yes it is a suit but a necktie is not required in a creative method of dressing well

Just look at the photograph above , I am not wearing any necktie or a bowtie , I am just wearing a relaxed floral shirt beneath the suit which is ideal this time of the year to bring in casual shirts.


Outfits that pollute your style

Ever heard of the terminology, “Air pollution”, it refers to bad and horrible odors that are causing damage to the natural environment such as smoke, carbon dioxide and dumping substances that are suffocating the environment and the people who live in that capacity. In regard to men’s style, there are outfits that pollute your style and they make you look terrible instead of terrific.

1) Ripped jeans that look like you have been attacked by dogs

I have personally never been a fan of such outfits such as ripped jeans, shirts or t-shirts , they make you look cool and trendy or fashionable to some but according to me, they pollute your style, they may not necessarily cause air pollution but in terms of style, they are damaging your image and personality, people will assume you are homeless, high or having some type of disorder in the brain.

2) Bad odor, bad breath and unwashed clothing are all factors of a polluted style

Who wants to be around damaged goods, no one right? So, in terms of style, an outfit that is dirty or unclean is one factor that leads to a polluted style, so better clean that cloth by washing it when dirty, don’t wear dirty outfits gents. Secondly, bad breath, I know it had nothing to do with style but the inner also matters just as the outer, so brush your teeth, eat sweets that will produce fresh breath such as halls and also eat fruits and vegetables that will help put the bad breath under the carpet. Lastly, bad odor is caused by not applying perfumes on your body , start wearing that scent and spray that Cologne you have been hiding in your closet and you will certainly look plus smell better.

3) Fashion greenwashing

According to an online article which can be accessed using this link-, fashion companies such as ASOS and H&M are in the cross hairs as rising scrutiny of green claims ratchets up the pressure on brands to credibly back up any sustainability messaging such as those marked with tags a such as 24% polyester recycled , such inappropriate information can be misleading to consumers and this is one factor that pollutes your style, wearing clothes that have disturbing messages is an issue that all manufacturing companies need to pay attention to as well as its marketing strategies or else the regulators may enforce a harsh penalty thus the company will lose valuable support and consumers support. One thing to look out for if you plan to buy clothes that are on trends check for these fashion greenwash tags they will guide you when shopping a cloth this will avoid many problems such as people who hate your style or a class action lawsuit may grow its tails out and the consequences of each fashion brand will be costly and dire.

Final thoughts

  • Ripped jeans that look like you have been attacked by dogs
  • Bad odor, bad breath and unwashed clothing are all factors of a polluted style
  • Fashion greenwashing

Wishing you all a great and happy month of October


Appreciation post for reaching 100 followers on my blog – Mens Fashion & Style by Mthobisi

I woke up in the morning going through my blog , checking stats, reading other bloggers work on the reader bar and I received a notification that I have achieved 100 plus follows on my blog and I am over the Moon and happy to see this , I am very proud of this and this couldn’t have been possible without you my fellow readers and bloggers who take your time to read my fashion and style posts.

From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊🙏

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Ways to style golf shirts in spring

Golf shirts are a classic, timeless and stylish item in any person’s wardrobe. These shirts are mostly commonly associated with sports since we have different types of golf shirts that golfers wear when they play golf🏌 such as the Chelsea Golf shirt but I do believe that other types of golf shirts can work evenly and perfectly in your outfit and such shirts are a must have for the spring season. This blog will outline ways to style such golf shirts looking at the types of fabrics and the type of fit that will suit you e body needs.

Types of golf shirts for each style

1) Lancaster Golf Shirt for smart casual wear. This shirt is made of 65% of polyester and 35% of cotton, it is a regular fit with a 3 button design and a reinforced self-fabric in the neckline with a single needle stitch on the arms for durability. This golf shirt is like the exact same one worn by fashion blogger @mthobisimagagula above. Wear this golf shirt with jeans, tuck in the shirt, have a belt and wear dress shoes if possible or brown chukka boots. 

2) Pivot Golf Shirt for an ultra casual style. This shirt is made of 100% polyester knit and it has pindot and pinstripes on the front and back with side vents with contrast trim for comfort and style. Wear this shirt with linen shorts in solid colors and boots such as Tan Deck Shoes or white sneakers you will look cool and stylish for sure.

3)Supreme Golf Shirt for for a business casual style. Just Google the shirt on your phone and you will see that the shirt is made of 100% polyester its soft drape and moistures fabric will make you look stylish and comfortable. Wear this golf shirt with a Sports Jacket or a blazer and chinos and Loafers you are good to go.

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Formal wear should strike you as an optimistic man

How much I adore formal wear is actually something that brings butterflies to my stomach. The reason I love this style it is that it makes me more confident, positive, jubilant and overall it channels my mind to always have a positive outlook in life. The same feeling is just as evident in any man who wears formal wear to the tee.

This blog will discuss five benefits of wearing formal wear and how it can make you become an optimistic man.

Dressing sharp is a sign that you will accomplish goals

This is a fact and every man who is serious about getting the job done dresses the part. For example, you are planning on being the Manager of a business, the way you dress should tell people that you are serious and devoted in leading this business forward, so if you wear a blazer or a suit people will definitely trust the services you provide since you look like the Manager and all of a sudden you get to contemplate the advantages of dressing sharp. Even if you are not the Manager yet still dress the part, wear that tie👔, that dress shirt and jacket that makes you look good and mature for success.

If you want money wear a necktie

In reality I know you can’t magically get money just by wearing a tie but it is all about the mindset, a man who wears a tie is seen as willing to make a pile of money like he owns the bank. There is this amazing quote by Oscar Wilde that goes like this: “A well tied tie is the first serious step about life” , this message should challenge your mind to actually start seeing the benefits of wearing a tie it is the first step towards glory and success.

Men who wear formal are confident about life

Formal wear is classified into business casual and business formal so if you want to start wearing formal clothing, look no further than these styles here. A man can still look formal in business casual because it is a style that cuts between formal and casual. For example, if you wear a sports jacket or blazer with a simple dress shirt without a necktie you still look sharp and that makes a lot of men more confident in themselves , their business , life and goals.

It doesn’t have to be a suit wear your best it will open doors for you

This has happened to me ever since I started my journey in men’ style. I get to realize that dressing nice and looking the part open doors for a person because people lime the way you appear and perceive you as a man who is ready to worm, a man of integrity and a leader of tomorrow. A well fitted shirt, shoes, good jeans or outerwear that is clean and crisp, this simple style right here opens a door for you as you get to meet people and people like being around a person who is clean and takes good care of himself or herself.

Adding fun accessories in your formal wear show that you are a cool guy

In as much as simple clothes are the go to style for many, I prefer that if you want to be an optimistic man, your clothing should first show that you a fun and a positive individual. For instance, in your business casual style, stuff that blazer with a nice pocket square or a lapel pin, in your necktie include a tie clip and bar if you are opting for a business formal attire, in your dress shirts include cufflinks and even in the shoes include details such as selecting a shoe with contrast colors as a mix of blue and white with a black sole for example.


Do Justice for your dress code

Let me start by revealing that I am a huge movie fanatic especially movies about superheroes dressed in their incredible outfits and making the world feel safe and secure through their abilities and powers to fight bad, corrupt individuals and parties as well as hooligans taking things belonging to other people. Movies produced by DC Comics that include my all time favorite characters such as: Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern among others inspire me to seek justice for myself and those around me by dressing well and following the dress code just as these superheroes follow the rules which are to seek justice, truth and peace.

Stick to the theme of the dress code

Dressing sharp is actually a bit difficult since we have these style rules to follow which are a huge significance to events such as weddings, graduations 🎓, galas and award ceremonies just to mention a few. To successfully do due diligence and justice it is by being aware of the dress code, so if it calls for a casual or smart casual attire just as the man from the first picture is dressed, then dress that way because the coordinators of the event have an actual reason why they placed that type of dress code.

Polish your outfit early

To avoid mishaps and errors in the style, I suggest if you want to dress sharp and stylish, polish , decide and put together the outfit the night before. Seriously, this life hack right here is also true in movies horizon, if you watch superheroes in cinemas and movies you get to realize and identify that these heroes always polish their outfits early before they do battle. Doing so, will enable them to he one step ahead of their nemesis and at the end of the day justice will prevail. For example, if you haven’t worn a suit in a while, why not start wearing that suit now to see if it still fits your body before wearing it for that big event such as a Wedding or Graduation you will want to be proud of and have memories of it in that amazing suit

Fight wearing bad fits be a hero every time you dress up

This is another style hack gents, let’s say it raining and there is a lady who needs help with crossing the street maybe she has no umbrella with her, so why not be the gentleman who actually goes over there and grants her your umbrella plus if you look good you may never know, you might get a date out of that generosity. Point is, to avoid bad fits always dress sharp, if your jacket is too big get it adjusted to fit your body size and you will see the results of always looking your best you will appear as a hero in the eyes of lots of people even if you are not dressed like Batman, The Flash or Green Lantern or any character for that .matter.

Style is like being the captain of your ship and a master of your own fate

Looking at the origins of clothes you get to realize that clothes started with having an eye and being able to combine something to wear on your body, for example, take the cashmere sweater , that sweater was made from goats skin, this means that whosever thought of creating, sewing and manufacturing the sweater began adopting his or her own style just like a captain who takes charge and adopts a way forward to ensure the ship is intact and doesn’t sink leading to chaos that can cause disaster to the other people inside the ship🚢

Adopt your own style just like a captain

Look at the above paragraph to be able to come up and formulate your own personal style. If you love wearing shorts for instance, instead of long trousers, research ways to style shorts like a captain. Imagine you are a captain, think of an outfit suitable for that title, I suggest if you like casual wear, even formal garments such as dress shirts, Oxford shirts and even sports jackets will work evenly with those linen shorts.

A master is a pro in tactics so be a pro in your style

To be a master of your own fate, you need to know and conquer tactics no matter how hard they are. The same can be said about style, you need to conquer and know it to be a captain of your own style. There is this amazing quote by Master Mohammed Ali when he once said, ” I don’t follow fashion trends so much as I try to find clothes that make me look good because that will never go out of style”. This quote says it all, finding clothes that make you look good is the right way to be master of style.

Stand out from the crowd as a captain of style

I have never seen a captain dress like an ordinary man. He wears clothes that command authority so that people treat him and refer to him as the Captain. For example, those in the navy force know their captain’s uniform with a name tag that spells out CAPTAIN/ ADMIRAL. You don’t have to dress like a captain of a ship but you can dress sharp like a captain of your own style. One way to do this is if you love wearing suits I suggest wearing a suit with accessories such as pocket squares and cufflinks or a tie bar to stand out from a sea of suits out there. Doing So will enable you to become a master of your own fate and a captain of your own style.


Restyle your style this spring season

Spring season has started gentlemen this year and what better way to enjoy the sunny, fresh and amazing scent of the spring by restyling your wardrobe from your casual attire, perfect fragrances to select from and most importantly grooming tips for you to look young, vibrant and awesome.

Essential spring casual wear

Floral shirts, paisley shirts and yes even pink polo shirts can also be worn by men during the spring season since it is that time to wear brighter colors and tones that will reflect the sunlight and make you look energetic, young, happy not glum and confident plus you will feel great in these shirts.

Fragrances perfect for spring

Scents such as Sedley, H24, Omega and Tom Ford as well as a variety of other perfumes are a must have for spring since the temperatures are high so sweat is likely to occur thus smelling good is a necessity. These scents will make you smell fresh, amazing and your odour will invite people to sit next this you since you smell great. Even on a low budget you can grab that perfume that will enable you to smell great particularly during the hot weather where Smell is rampant.

Grooming tips perfect for spring

Gentlemen during the spring season you need to apply grooming tips such as styling your hair by visiting a good barber to cut that hair of yours nicely.

Wear a necktie to instantly look like a financial wizard

Ever notice those guys who wear suits and neckties seven days a week when they are going to work or roaming the urban areas in search of work and greener pastures? Have you asked yourself why they dress in such a classy manner? Well the answer is quite simple , they want to succeed in life and become smart individuals with lots of finances. Now, a man can wear a tie too to appear like that, here are 5 ways to wear a necktie that will suit your needs and make you look financially stable

First way: wear a necktie that has dark colors even in patterns

The darker colors are always going to be more formal and the go to color for looking like a professional and a man in business. Colors such as blue and black are just fine even if you wear a tie with patterns just like @mthobisimagagula below pulling this look.

Second way: wear a necktie with a solid dress shirt not a flannel shirt

Trust me, a white or a blue even black dress shirt with that necktie makes the style pop and this is the reason why men are successful, they dress the part not just for work purposes but it becomes a habit to wear a necktie even during weekends since the secret is to look intelligent. Buttons down shirt & flannels make you look less intellectual and more playful and casual.

Third way: wear a necktie with a solid short sleeve shirt

Yes, the way of wearing a necktie with a short sleeve shirt a dress shirt of course is the most comfortable style during the spring and summer months, it makes you look financially savvy and a cool gent, people will assume you Make lots of cash. Also, if you don’t want to wear a suit jacket you can go for a smart casual style by pairing that short sleeve shirt with those lighter neckties such as orange, green and red or white.

Fourth way: wear a necktie with a waistcoat and jeans

Fifth way: wear a necktie with a good floral shirt and good formal pants

Want to bring in a creative look, go for a tie that is solid such as blue with a nice floral shirt that is fashionable such as those prints with flowers will pop especially during the summer. Formal pants such as the suit trouser in blue will work fine even chinos add loafers and dress shoes with no socks next to them and you are good to go.

For recommendation wise check out Grand Frank store online to view all these amazing ties and clothes for men. @grandfrankstore on Pinterest/Instagram . search http://www.g


Fashion is bigger than you think

In as much as dressing well and being a clothes wearing person is admirable it is not the big picture. Mthobisi, what do you mean by that? You may ask, well I mean the clothing you wear actually covers your body but the most important part that cannot be found uncovered it is the truth about clothes and fashion since it definitely reveals your personality, your style choices and the messages your clothing sends to the world every day you strip on clothing👔👕

1) Fashion reveals your personality

Believe it or not, your fashion items and the way you dress tell people a lot about you and it may sound cliché but it is sincerely true. A man wearing elegant and nice clothes above is perceived as a businessman, rich and of status because of the outer clothing appearance yet a man wearing a hoodie is seen as a casual dude who doesn’t pay attention to fancy dressing.

2) Fashion reveals your style operations and the likelihood of your life choices

Ever heard of the quote “Dress to kill”, well that quote means that you must dress 100% sharp as a gentleman. However, pay attention to the clothing because if you wear a suit, the likelihood of you making it in life Are very high because you look the part and you are ready for success. If you wear a leather jacket , you are perceived as aggressive, dangerous and a bad ass since the jacket instantly makes you to appear as a threat to society.

3) Lastly fashion reveals your channel, messages it passes to the receiver and the entire audience.

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