Styling Suede jackets

Browsing the clothing brand called “Grand Frank” on social media has actually inspired me to craft this blog post where I want to style a comfortable quality Suede jacket. This jacket is just an important item for a man’s needs because the advantage of this piece it is that you can dress it up or dress it down.

Dressing up in a Suede Jacket

If you want to dress it up and you want to bring in this perfect comfy jacket that eases style and has great texture bring in these items below;

  • A polo shirt /dress shirt in solid colors
  • Turtleneck for the cold weather
  • Formal chino pants
  • Loafers for the shoes/brown brogues👞
  • Accessories such as a watch, bracelet but not hats such as Panama hats or Newsboy hats as those are too classy

Visit Grand Frank website to see all the latest clothes such as summer collections and linen shirts:

Dressing down in a suede jacket

You can also dress down if you don’t want to look sharp and elegant. I suggest combining the following pieces in your dress down styles which are casual styles obviously.

  • Plain crew neck T-shirt in any color
  • Dark colored jeans for trousers or linen shorts in solid colors (they can be ripped jeans
  • Tan deck shoes or white sneakers are just perfect especially if the weather gets cooler to hot. Sandals are a No No

Final thoughts

The Suede Jacket can be dressed up or down which makes it a versatile item and a must have in your closet perfect for the spring season, fall and winter season.


The simpler the better

There is this amazing quote by style icon Cary Grant that goes like this, “All it takes are a few simple outfits and there is one secret the simpler the better”. This quote right here says it all about your personal style that in whatever you decide to strip on keep it simple.

Have less details in your formal wear

If you like formal wear just like me and you want to look sharp in formal style yet you want to keep things simple. I suggest wearing a fitted suit or a dress shirt with a formal suit trouser without the suit blazer since we are fast approaching spring season here in Swaziland so a formal style like this one above is simple yet stylish because of the fit hence fit is king. Details such as sunglasses are just fine, having too much details such as bringing in a cane or an additional lapel pin yet there is a pocket square makes the style too flashy.

Have less details in your casual style

If you opt for a casual wear ensemble just like this gentleman below pulling off a simple smart casual style. I suggest for hot weather conditions you wear a hat and for the outfit wear at least one bright color such as all white , it is simple, fresh and clean style which makes keeping things simple evident. Even the shoes match with the hat thus having at least 2 colors in your style that match each other is another way to keep the style low key.

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Dressing up is a lot of work

The way work is constructed it makes it very difficult for most people to keep up to a point whereby some throw in the towel during the process due to many reasons one of them being pressure and excessive workload. In regards to menswear and fashion, it is also a hard steep and path to take because dressing sharp is not as easy as it seems.

This blog will discuss the problems faced by even us stylists and fashionable people when wearing nice clothes:

What if you don’t have nice clothes in your closet?

This is one problem I believe even every person might have because some have the desire to look the part and to appear stylish yet they don’t own nice clothes. So, how do you then dress sharp without them? Well, if you are not working it doesn’t mean you still can’t dress sharp but having none of the clothes such as suits, ties, boots , loafers, sneakers and amazing jackets can actually make it hard for a guy to dress sharp because there is a missing piece in the puzzle. I recommend, borrowing these clothes to a friend you trust especially if you have an import event to attend such as a workshop, orientation at university or an interview you want to ace. Once you do that you will grab the opportunity first hand because you look professional

Lacking ambition is a hindrance

Okay, his has nothing to do with nice clothes but it has everything to do with lacking a direction in your goals and what you aim to accomplish. Just like Walt Disney’s quote ” All our dreams can come true as Long as we have the courage to pursue them”, I agreed that in life anything is possible for every person even in the fashion corner , a man who dress well dresses for success. I suggest you start changing your negative mindset and swap it with a positive one you will see wonders even in your personal style.

There are style rules to follow

This according to me makes dressing sharp very hard to do because rules can be exhausting to follow when you already have so much that life is throwing at you, why should you follow style rules? You may ask, well I would say rules can be broken especially in the fashion scene because it is safe to do since what you wear it is what you select and no one will arrest or report you for dressing in that orderly fashion

A rule such as wearing a suit with formal shoes was long broken since today we see many men wearing suits with sneakers so why should you worry yourself with dressing rules? Another example can be let’s say you are attending an event and the dress code is “Strictly Formal Wear”, some may actually mix it up a bit and bring in a casual item, I mean no one will report them to the event coordinator that one attendee decided to stand out as long as that person dressed Sharp even if he or she opted for a casual item.

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Fashion is not for the wealthy it is for the willing

Whosever said in order to look dazzling and awesome you need to have lots of money at your disposal, I beg to differ, even a person who doesn’t have much cash can still put together an outfit and come out looking like a millionaire💷💰💳

This blog will discuss the options to use for you to look like a wealthy person and not have the mentality that clothing was made for the wealthy and powerful. It is all about putting in an effort in your clothing.

Have an eye for quality cloth

A good cloth that is found in normal clothing stores will look great in you if you take the time to look around the store and spot the piece without being doubtful. You don’t have to have the mindset that a designer suit is better than a suit found at your community men’s wear store because what makes the suit golden is not the price but it is the fit and style of the suit. So, always have an eye for great fits by trying the style on before you assume that styles are fancy and are for the rich only.

Make an informed decision to dress well every day

As life is all about choices the same applies in the fashion industry, it is all about being consistent and most vital selecting a garment you can wear almost every day. For example, a T-shirt is something a man can wear every day because you can use it as your starting item when wearing a dress shirt , you can layer it and you can wear it by itself when the temperature goes up. So, dress the part every single day and don’t assume that only rich people can dress the part. It is all about the way you dress not the amount of money you have.


Practice makes perfect as the saying goes and for you to look like a million bucks even if you don’t have a single penny in your name, you need to wear those clothes and combine them well. People get to assume and presume that you make a lot of money because you dress the part every day.

Rather be inspired

The best thing about rich people it is that they have money to buy anything they want even clothing. So, in my own view, it is imperative to be inspired by their status so that you too one day can say “I’m rich now” , and use that to dress sharp in whatever style and outfits you adore. For example, I am inspired by many great legends such as Actor Idris Elba from Britain , he wears suits of quality and to perfection plus dressing sharp is part of who he is both on screen and in real life(according to his Instagram page)

Remember where there is a will there is a way. Dress the part and money will make its way back to you💰

Casual wear is easy to implement

One of the simplest outfits and clothes is no other than casual pieces. However, in as much as this is the go to style for most males, it can be baffling to wear the right casual outfit with that shoe, so to enable easy pickings for your style, below are methods to use when going full casual wear that will match any shoe👟

First method: Analyse the chosen style

The first method it is to analyse the clothes you select, if you are going out during the weekend, you have to inspect the clothes in your wardrobe. First, if it is the weekend, you have to wear a relaxed yet well dressed casual style so jeans, chinos, tank tops/vests if the weather permits, denim jeans and a sport jacket will match with great sneakers in White or Black⬛ solid colors. I would avoid running shoes when going out during the weekend because they are made for running, gyms and walks to long distances. Secondly, add accessories to your style such as : necklace, bracelet or a watch to add flare to your style.

Second method: shoes must look good and match the outfit

There is one thing I have noticed with clothes it is that the right shoe can make the outfit pop and look great while the wrong shoe can make the outfit look louche and dull. To get rid of this scandal, invest in good shoes such as a boot in brown, blue or black color will match any jean, sweater, Shirts , waistcoat and even a summer shirt like a floral🌷🌺💮 shirt. Even people who love clothes will get fixated and not remove their eyes from a good looking shoe

Method 3: add as much color as you can

I have actually published a blog about “MIX YOUR COLORS WITH THE REST OF THE OUTFIT” and in addition to that, casual wear is called casual because you get to dip into casual tones of colors such as pink, red, orange, purple, light blue, brighter greens 🌱 and other bright tones. If you adore street style, a dope orange tee shirt with those ripped jeans or any fitted jeans and White sneakers, oh yeah!!! that will look ver cool.

Method 4: bigger prints on a casual shirt are fine as long as you have the right shoe to support it

I know other gents may not like T-shirts as I have worshipped and talked about them in the methods above and that is fine since style is a personal choice and all males have their preference. So, if you like shirts such as dress shirts or flannels , I recommend smaller prints than bigger prints since most shoes don’t match well with big patterns

Fifth method: don’t sweat about casual sweaters

There is no need to be stressed about sweaters gents, casual sweaters such as crew neck sweaters

How to dress like a boss man?

To dress like a boss is not a walk in the park, a man who wants to look like a Boss needs to utilize and practice wearing outfits that will enable you to appear like a boss even if you are not a boss of a company. This article will bombard your brain with tons of examples that you must use to dress like a BOSS.

Examples of how to dress like a boss:

1. Bring in a blazer, sports jacket or a designed blazer. This is one example of how men should dress like a boss. First, one needs a good blazer such a sport jacket in Rich colors such as grey, orange, brown and white. Wearing such a blazer is one way to look Sharp and like a man in charge especially if you work indoors such as an office, a firm or you are simply an Entrepreneur selling products and services you need to look the part before anyone buys what you are exhibiting.

2. Bring in buttons down shirt or a polo. If you like shirts, then this is the point for you, a well tailored and fitted button down shirt in blue or white color variations is the ideal choice for men as this will make you feel more confident and you will appear knowledgeable plus if you work in an indoor Area when its hot, you can unbutton your shirt just a bit to allow air in yet still look great.

3. Bring in those accessories as a status symbol for being the BOSS. If you want this status ‘Boss’ to be chanted by everyone who meets you, you need to bring in accessories such as a watch, hats, bracelet, sunglasses 😎 and even pocket squares of your suit or blazer then for the shoes, wear shiny shoes(IF YOU WANT TO) and add colors to grab people eyes if you want to be an all eyes contender. 😉😉

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There is no gun pointed at you so wear what you want

I have never heard of someone who got arrested or shot for wearing awful clothes even fashion police aren’t real to perform this arrests because when it comes to fashion gents, it is all about being free, liberated and selective in your clothing and the message you want to send to the public based on what you are wearing.

Here are 3 tips to assist you when wearing your clothes gentlemen without having to worry about being shot by the fashion police or judged by people:

1) If you are dressed in a shaggy way you will appear like a suspect

Even though fashion police are not real in the real world but a stylish person who is so glued to dressing well every day, one bad outfit can make you feel like a suspect or feel like you have done something wrong to a point that you want to go down to the police station to report a crime or turn yourself in. As, this avoid this drama, wear good looking clothes such as fitted jeans, suits, good shoes such as loafers, boots and sneakers and not the bad one such as torn shoes or turn unwashed shoes, they will just look of.

2) Wear fitted clothing

The most important factor when it comes to style it is nailing the fit of your clothes, it doesn’t matter how you are expensive it is, if it is not for your body size it will look awful.

3) Avoid all black during summer and spring season it makes you look like a thug

I am not saying black is a terrible color it is a good one. I for one love the color black but when this color is not needed it is during those cooler to summer seasons where light, earthy and natural colors are the best choice for your wardrobe. Also, as funny as it sounds, wearing all black does makes you look like a Thug, it is just a color associated with aggressive men or dangerous and bad people.

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The essence of dressing well for virtual meetings

Virtual meetings, video calls and zoom calls are the new form of communication in today’s world even in business. However, just because they are the new form of interacting with clients, family or friends doesn’t mean you should walk around the house naked or during the call and a business zoom call is crucial so looking shaggy will tell the people involved in that zoom conference that you are unprofessional and styleless

Below are three benefits for dressing well during virtual talks:

Benefit 1: Wearing bold colors will show the people on the other side of the screen that you are courageous

Benefit 2: Your outfit should steer clear of stripes, plaids and patterns since this will distract the virtual meeting

Benefit 3: Keep jewellery to a minimum a watch is a must have to avoid being late during the zoom meeting

Last on the agenda it is that dressing for a video conference is super easy and practical just use the benefits above gents because the most important part is your upper part it must look good. Do pop by my Facebook page @Mthobisi Magagula for more men’s fashion and style blogs.

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Thinking of an outfit on a Sunday is the ideal way of starting the week with confidence

What goes through your head on a daily basis is what you definitely want to do and the same thought can be used in selecting outfits especially on a Sunday which is the first day of a brand new week, so are you going to wear a suit? Are you going to be casual? Are you going to even think of looking stylish regardless of the dress code? Well those questions can be answered below as I challenge your mind to wear the Best outfits which are ideal for starting the week with confidence.

1- Select an outfit based on the goals you want to achieve each week

Whether you are a Churchgoer or not, the outfit you have already picked in your head before actually wearing it will be the deciding factor as to are you ready to achieve those goals even if small or not. For example, when I want to go to church, that morning I usually think what is it that I want to do this week? It may be you want to make money as a goal, well wear a suit gentlemen, that way your business will look ready to be conducting business with clients. It may be you want a job, well wear formal clothes even if it is not a 3 piece suit but a dress shirt and a tie plus watch as a stylish accessory. It may be that this week, you want to do music and be a music producer, well still dress nice even if your industry and environment is a casual one. There is nothing wrong with wearing the above outfits even when attending church services it will remind you what needs to be done this week.

2- Select an outfit such as a turtleneck, sweater, blazer and coat as a base for your style which will signal a man of integrity

A man of integrity is one who does what is right, who is trusted with the little things and is able to handle confidential information, even in fashion, a man with a coat, turtleneck and a blazer is perceived as a man with purpose of looking great by paying attention to the base of his clothes such as wearing the above items that signals that he is ready to go.

3- Your Sunday’s best shows that you are putting your best foot forward in seeing a successful outcome in your goals

I really believe that a man who wears his Best clothes on a Sunday regardless of whether they are expensive, cheap or new is a sign that he wants to see a great result in his own goals at the end of the day, so he then gets more confident in his clothes and himself to a point whereby every Sunday he wants to look great to be able to meet those goals set forth and conquer them✔

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Ways to infuse a white T-shirt with style

A white T-shirt shouldn’t be out of style but it should be worn with other supporting items in the wardrobe for a spectacular look perfect for any occasion. The white T-shirt must embrace its cleanliness by layering it with suits, jackets or on its own but with details on it. Below are ways to fill your white T-shirt With style guys:

Way 1: wearing a suit with a white T-shirt

This is one way to fill your outfit with style, the suit and tie is a tiresome style especially if one doesn’t want to wear that tie and shirt everyday but opts for white T-shirt, start with it then bring in a suit which is a simple way to look fresh and stylish. What’s great about this style is that this is a casual type of style so white sneakers are ideal since they match well with the T-shirt and the suit or any suit color. Lastly, shades😎 are a must for hot weather conditions

Way 2: wearing a white tee with print trousers

I actually did my research on ways to style a T-shirt and I found out that such tees go well with printed pants for casual style of course. A printed trouser with many designs and lots of colors is a fashionable way to infuse your tee with style, classic guy Jedinna above pulled this off so can you.

Way 3: Wearing a trucker jacket with the white tee

This is another way to style a white T-shirt by bringing in a stylish jacket known ad the trucker/brown leather jacket. This jacket is so smooth as it can be worn on casual style and classic style with white being a fresh and solid color. @alexcosta above is wearing this style with the jacket.

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