A fashionable man is a proactive man

Men who love fashion and style are still considered proactive individuals who know what they want from life and are developing definite plans to achieve what they want in life. How can you tell?, you may ask, well their dress codes and ability to dress well every day is an indication that they are going far in life.

1/ Men who dress well are always informed about life goals

Think about it for a second, men who always dress well are aware of what life is and they dress for themselves and for what they want to accumulate and get from this world.

2/ Men who dress well possess the power of being good bosses

A fashionable man who wears nice clothing whether they are expensive or inexpensive possesses the chances of being a good boss of a company one day.

3/Men who dress well entice people to support their businesses

A man with great style and I don’t mean wearing a suit all the time but I mean casual wear will propel people to support that man’s business.

4/ Men who dress well are good planners

Believe it or not, men who have great sense of style are perceived as good planners who plan carefully their time, life and schedules before hand.

5/ Men who dress well are a perfect fit for advertisements such as TV commercials

Ever seen a TV commercial with a man who dressed horribly?? Well maybe a few but the vast majority of them are dressed sharp when products such as Nivea Men are advertised on our screens and this is done to influence the public to buy the brand.

Don’t leave the room until you are satisfied with your outfit

Written & Edited by Mthobisi Magagula

Here is the trick with outfits, they tend to mess with your head if you spot a bit of error in the outfit. For instance, you want to wear a denim look such as a denim on denim style from head to toe but once you put the clothes together in your bed before ironing them you feel as if the style is boring you want to add a bit of dash and color, well the best way to pass this trick it is to change the play outfit until you are satisfied with the changed look.

Below are options men can follow to enable them to dress nicer every day before leaving their rooms:

1. Option #1 – look at the weather and ask yourself what type of outfit is suitable for this weather?β˜€πŸŒ€πŸŒ§

2. Outfit #2 – Try as many outfits as possible

3. Outfit #3 – Watch Tiktok videos about men’s style

4. Outfit #4 – Get creative

5. Outfit #5 – Find stylists to assist your wardrobe selection

First option – the weather

If you woke up in the morning and the temperature is mild to hot, you can even see the sunrise at 7am, then the right outfit for you will be influenced by that weather pattern. For a warm to hot weather , the right outfit especially if it is a Friday is a smart casual style

Second option to the last is all about embracing ideas such as watching Tiktok videos and trying new styles

Good looking clothes are like good companions

A wardrobe full of clothes can actually confuse a man when electing the right outfit , be it for work, for outdoor, for taking a walk, for a dinner party or any formal and informal function. Thus, bringing together the best and amazing pieces of your clothes makes you to look good just like having a good bunch of friends.

1) Great friends think alike so should great outfits

Ever heard of the quote “Birds of the same feathers fly together”, well that statement is true because just as birds fly together in one direction so do good friends, they run together, spend time together and assist each other. The same statement can be said and applied in the wardrobe department. For example, you are having a wedding ceremony soon and you need the right suit for your body type, if you have lots of shirts and neckties but few suits, combining the ideal suit can be exhausting with all these shirts and ties, I suggest wearing a suit that goes well with the theme of the ceremony. For example, if the wedding theme is a black and white attire, usually men are suppose to wear ” BLACK TIE” suit not odd shirts and ties with the black suit such as a red shirt with green tie, it will look too colorful.

2) Just received a good looking cloth start wearing it

If you have got a good cloth as a gift from your friend or family member, I suggest wearing that cloth as soon as possible , I know it sounds funny but this is what you want to do, you don’t want to rock the same styles every month. For instance, if you got good boots this month but your style is more of formal such as wearing dress shoes, it is time to embark on another style, try Street styles, try smart casual styles which look great with those boots.

3) Fashion accounts on social media are a source of good companions for your outfits

The era we live in is evolving and social media is a great tool for feeding your mind with style tips that fashion bloggers such as myself provide, stylists, brand ambassadors and consultants give out to the audience, trust me you will find an Instagram page that you will treat like your best buddy because it will inspire you to dress well.

Just jump in and explore your style

If there is one thing I am certain of it is that style is all about being comfortable with your clothing and it has a huge impact in influencing your mood and your entire day. Therefore, the simplest way to become comfy with clothes it is to explore style and dive in your closet with confidence which will enable you to come up with a dashing outfit that will have people’s mouth babbling.

1. Use music jams to your advantage

Take note of great music songs that will give you a clear picture of what outfit goes with that favorite song of yours. For example, listening to a song by Jidenna titled “Classic Man” will enable your mind to search for classic items in your wardrobe such ad neckties, suits and suspenders which are classic wear items for men that will make them look dashing. A song lyrics and beat are the main factors that influence a man’s personal wardrobe choice. If the song is too loud, had bass sounds and rock vibes such as this song by the Chemical Brothers titled “Go” definitely it screams street style or wear because of its coolness.

2. Don’t take hours thinking of an outfit just pick

Taking stupendous amounts of time picking an outfit will bore you before you make your final decision about which outfit to wear. I suggest picking an outfit you woke up feeling like wearing it. As long ad you are comfortable with the outfit then that is all that matters.

3. Dress for yourself don’t dress to prove a point

The Best exploration method for style is to dress for yourself and your body, to wear clothes that fit you and clothes you love. If there is one thing that is not fun with clothing it is to wear clothes to showoff to your friends or family by proving a useless point. Rather rock your style for yourself without trying to defeat another person. People tend to compliment if you wear nice clothes and have good attitude towards them.

4. Don’t be petrified to stand out from the crowd

If there is one thing I know it is hard to do it is to stand out from the masses by dressing differently. Say for instance, in your area people or men don’t wear suits often they only wear simple outfits such as casual Wear, you can be bold and be unique by dressing on an outfit that people in your area aren’t used to. For example, as a man you can start wearing a suit when going to work, wearing a leather jacket especially if you have a motorbike it will go well with that jacket. At the end of the day, it is all about being comfortable and confident in yourself plus your clothing.


Discover the best outfits to wear Dads on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day whereby we honor, celebrate, admire, appreciate, cherish and remember the roles that fathers play in our lives and our own families. As always, my men’s fashion and style tips are available to use and practice especially on annual Holiday’s such as “Father’s Day” , so without any further adieu or delay, here are the best styles perfect for fathers on such a special occasion today.

Classy style for the classy dad

Each Dad has his own personal style which he chooses to wear, so for the classy father who has an eye for elegant clothing or apparel, I suggest combining these pieces in your wardrobe to look classy:

Look number 2 – A blazer, turtleneck or poloneck, jeans or trousers in light colors boots, a watch and a great sense of smell, thus is a great scent and perfume.

Look number 3- A coat, t-shirt, formal pants, white sneakers or dress shoes in brown, blue or grey colors, this is typically what is called a semiformal or semi classy style.

Look number 4- A simple white dress shirt or any solid color on a dress shirt pair it with a suit trouser or formal pants and bring in dress shoes such as loafers, double monk but not black formal shoes as those are too formal. Also, don’t forget the belt or wear a good pair of suspenders. Trust me that is a simple classic style dads

Casual style for the casual Dad

Not all fathers want to dress classy due to many reasons such as money issues, affordability and “Not my type of style” feeling.

Below are examples of casual wear looks Dads can wear to:

  • Outewear jackets, sweaters underneath, work shoes/boots and any casual trouser(For the Father who doesn’t pay attention to style but always on the move or out working
  • Hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and a good looking bag(For the father who is younger aged 20s or 30s who loves casual style)
  • Trendy sweaters, branded trousers, sports wear shoes such as Nike/Adidas brand and a cap, gold chains and rings as accessories(This is for the cooler Dad who loves trends yet into casual style)


The best way to celebrate Father’s Day in style is to rock your own style. All in all, I wish all fathers out there a “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” and may they dress nice and stylish until the end of age. Do follow my Instagram page for style pictures and blogs – @mthobisimagagula TILL THEN!!!

Want to look classy in modern regalia?

Ever wondered how you can dress classy and elegant in regalia gentlemen?? Well, have no fear because today’s content is all about classic menswear and how a man can affiliate a regalia to appear stylish in this modern age.

It’s common to mix modern regalia with formal wear √

Regalia refers to a garment that showcases regal elegance and sophistication. In today’s fashion space men do wear traditional regalia such as decorated hats, beads, and jewels or items that symbolize cultural Wear and traditional attire.

For instance, men who adore tradition usually like to wear certain accessories such as beads which have their own native name and these men normally wear such items to show to the world that they value their culture and they have pride in wearing that traditional style. Well, I would say that this is still happening today , however, the styles have changed as we now see a mixture of formal style with such regalia , for example, wearing formal shoes such as loafers with that African regalia, Chinese regalia or Native American regalia. It depends on the continent you reside in and the availability of that clothing in that country. Otherwise it is a great style to rock.

It is normal to wear a Blazer with hats and shorts in African regalia

This is another way to style a modern regalia fit by embracing classic wear Items such as sports jackets, blazers and shorts. Remember that a regalia refers to a style with a lot of patterns and decorations and men in Africa normally wear like this. This is a classic style but it has emblems on it such as bringing in a decorated Bonnet hat and pairing that flamboyant style with great looking shoes such as sneakers or loafers.

Until then!! Goodbye my readers

Mix your colors with the rest of the outfit

Don’t have a dull outfit bring in colors from head to toe! Fashion Blogger @ mthobisimagagula showing how its done

Casual wear always looks great on the eye when you start combining different colors using your wardrobe pieces such as t-shirts, trousers and shoes. Seriously, contrast colors are allowed to be worn again even when dressed down.

Don’t fear bright colors

Bright colors are to be explored guys even a color most guys would say it is of the other gender such as Pink yet that is not the case, bright colors will always make you look fresh especially during the summertime.

I recommend starting with colors that are solid such as blue , orange, green, yellow & red on T-shirts, pair them with trousers such as chinos or jeans or any flashy pants. For these shoes you can strip on boots (@ Thursday boots on Instagram has amazing shoe collection with many different colors. Loafers and sneakers will make a great fit as well.

Check for inspiration on social media

There are a lot of stylish guys out there and now things have become easy, social median has everything on the net just by a touch of a button even fashion advice from bloggers such as myself who is addicted to menswear and Instagram. Its not only me, a vast majority of stylish men who always are on point.

I recommend following these accounts below for color inspiration:

  • @ mthobisimagagula
  • @ Vincent luck
  • @ remidee
  • @vitor castro
  • @audreylunda
  • @hamada mooo
  • @mensweardesign
  • @cantimagnet|krum

#menstyle #menswear #colors

Ways solitary people can feel confident in their outfits

Solitary people are people who hate a crowd and prefer to be alone or by themselves. There is nothing wrong with that, however, if you want to be a stylish man even if you are an introvert you need to start exploring your clothes.

Don’t be shy explore Style

One way to put down solitary in its place is by being open to style. First find out what kind of clothes do you love and be brutally honest with yourself. If you like a simple look that is casual such as T-shirt, jeans and sneakers and you think you are all dresses up then okay but if you want to pimp up your style a bit I recommend trying out different accessories such as bracelets, T-shirts with designs, jeans with chain detail or even a cool watch, it will elevate Your look and you will thank me later.

Look at adventurers outfits

One way to feel more confident in your clothes is by looking at those tourists those people know Style and if you look at it with a style eye you will pick up on something maybe it’s their boots, their shoes, their hats especially those from Texas with their western Style such as boots. Even an introvert will make it possible to start looking like that not copy the style but be inspired to dress that way. One adventure style to look at gents is by this guy @Oh Antonio his handle on Instagram and I have to applaud the guy he knows how to Style his garments. Below is an example of his outfit.

No man is an island when it comes to exploring Style to step out of that solitary circle. Also, other way to feel more confident is by going out to attend events where people you network with will complement your outfit and even if they don’t just relax and wear your clothes because you can’t be alone people need other people even in the style and Fashion committee. It is so easy to break the ice with people if you dressed well .

Think of your outfit like a building project

Imagine a project that is still new such as building a hotel and that project will be a foundation for a better investment and will yield great returns in the future. A project like that won’t just attract tourists to the newly built hotel but it will make a lasting impression to everyone who will gaze on it. The same can be said about building your outfits from scratch.

Essential tools

Building a hotel needs not only hands but tools that will make it easier to get the job done. When it comes to clothes I suggest bringing tools such as fitted clothes, accessories, skin care routine and shoes. To look good and to make a lasting impression on others wear clothes that fit you, wear accessories that go well with the weather, if it is cold wear cold essentials such as hats that will help withstand the flue symptoms. Also, do try skin care products and select the right shoes for the right outfit for that Weather.

Check your rates

A hotel cannot be built without the disbursement of money and the same applies to mens wear. Before a project is ever started, costs and rates are discussed first without them the project becomes a standstill. Imagine you are starting out from scratch you are a recent graduate and you want to dress in suits of different colors but the issue is that money is tight since you just finished university with a little budget. However once you get a good job in your field of study you can start to wear those suits whilst saving money at the same time to buy quality suits not cheap loose ones. Also, you have to start small whilst building your wardrobe such as buying a suit then bring in other supporting items such as neckties ot bowties , shoes, pocket squares, sunglasses for the sun, belts, socks and lapel pins or tie bars for a flashy yet on point suit.

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5 Invisible style hacks that upgrades men

Gentlemen, if you want to upgrade your style and instantly look amazing the entire day, I suggest applying these style hacks that not only improves your appearance but boosts your confidence.

Hack 1- Use skin care products

According to Real Men Real Style (RMRS), using skin care products is the first step towards upgrading your style because such products flourish the skin and by using such products your skin will appear more appealing because looking good starts on the inside like taking care of your body everyday and skin which is the best hack for looking good whilst stylish. Find the right skin care products such as trying out RMRS skin care products such as Vitamin or using other products perfect for your skin trust me you will be amazed.

Hack 2- Wear clothes that command respect

In this department of Style, there is a familiar quote that goes ” looking good isn’t self-importance it is self-respect. To look stylish the entire day just start wearing clothes that will make you respectful to society because that is an invisible style hack you can’t see.

First look at how you dress, do people respect you for that. If you dress like a teenager with pants down , rugged shoes and unironed clothes you will be treated like a slob teenager. I recommend wearing a dress shirt , or button down shirt well pressed and neatly ironed combine it with good looking trousers and shoes and you will be surprised of the good reception you will receive from people you bump into.

Hack 3- Spray yourself with fragrancesπŸ”‹

You need to have a scent that you can spray on your body because it is not just about your clothes here that are attached to style but it is about the Cologne or perfume you use that will attach people to your look. A man who smells good will always look good.

Hack 4- Buy Quality not Quantity. Less is more in men style _ owning less clothes yet knowing how to affiliate them together is the best strategy of Style that ever existed.

Hack 5- Leverage the power of color_ us color especially in your casual clothes and you will instantly look so stylish. God with colors that match your skin tone.

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