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Ways to style golf shirts in spring

Golf shirts are a classic, timeless and stylish item in any person’s wardrobe. These shirts are mostly commonly associated with sports since we have different types of golf shirts that golfers wear when they play golf🏌 such as the Chelsea Golf shirt but I do believe that other types of golf shirts can work evenly and perfectly in your outfit and such shirts are a must have for the spring season. This blog will outline ways to style such golf shirts looking at the types of fabrics and the type of fit that will suit you e body needs.

Types of golf shirts for each style

1) Lancaster Golf Shirt for smart casual wear. This shirt is made of 65% of polyester and 35% of cotton, it is a regular fit with a 3 button design and a reinforced self-fabric in the neckline with a single needle stitch on the arms for durability. This golf shirt is like the exact same one worn by fashion blogger @mthobisimagagula above. Wear this golf shirt with jeans, tuck in the shirt, have a belt and wear dress shoes if possible or brown chukka boots. 

2) Pivot Golf Shirt for an ultra casual style. This shirt is made of 100% polyester knit and it has pindot and pinstripes on the front and back with side vents with contrast trim for comfort and style. Wear this shirt with linen shorts in solid colors and boots such as Tan Deck Shoes or white sneakers you will look cool and stylish for sure.

3)Supreme Golf Shirt for for a business casual style. Just Google the shirt on your phone and you will see that the shirt is made of 100% polyester its soft drape and moistures fabric will make you look stylish and comfortable. Wear this golf shirt with a Sports Jacket or a blazer and chinos and Loafers you are good to go.

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