Do Justice for your dress code

Let me start by revealing that I am a huge movie fanatic especially movies about superheroes dressed in their incredible outfits and making the world feel safe and secure through their abilities and powers to fight bad, corrupt individuals and parties as well as hooligans taking things belonging to other people. Movies produced by DC Comics that include my all time favorite characters such as: Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern among others inspire me to seek justice for myself and those around me by dressing well and following the dress code just as these superheroes follow the rules which are to seek justice, truth and peace.

Stick to the theme of the dress code

Dressing sharp is actually a bit difficult since we have these style rules to follow which are a huge significance to events such as weddings, graduations ๐ŸŽ“, galas and award ceremonies just to mention a few. To successfully do due diligence and justice it is by being aware of the dress code, so if it calls for a casual or smart casual attire just as the man from the first picture is dressed, then dress that way because the coordinators of the event have an actual reason why they placed that type of dress code.

Polish your outfit early

To avoid mishaps and errors in the style, I suggest if you want to dress sharp and stylish, polish , decide and put together the outfit the night before. Seriously, this life hack right here is also true in movies horizon, if you watch superheroes in cinemas and movies you get to realize and identify that these heroes always polish their outfits early before they do battle. Doing so, will enable them to he one step ahead of their nemesis and at the end of the day justice will prevail. For example, if you haven’t worn a suit in a while, why not start wearing that suit now to see if it still fits your body before wearing it for that big event such as a Wedding or Graduation you will want to be proud of and have memories of it in that amazing suit

Fight wearing bad fits be a hero every time you dress up

This is another style hack gents, let’s say it raining and there is a lady who needs help with crossing the street maybe she has no umbrella with her, so why not be the gentleman who actually goes over there and grants her your umbrella plus if you look good you may never know, you might get a date out of that generosity. Point is, to avoid bad fits always dress sharp, if your jacket is too big get it adjusted to fit your body size and you will see the results of always looking your best you will appear as a hero in the eyes of lots of people even if you are not dressed like Batman, The Flash or Green Lantern or any character for that .matter.

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