Want to look classy in modern regalia?

Ever wondered how you can dress classy and elegant in regalia gentlemen?? Well, have no fear because today’s content is all about classic menswear and how a man can affiliate a regalia to appear stylish in this modern age.

It’s common to mix modern regalia with formal wear √

Regalia refers to a garment that showcases regal elegance and sophistication. In today’s fashion space men do wear traditional regalia such as decorated hats, beads, and jewels or items that symbolize cultural Wear and traditional attire.

For instance, men who adore tradition usually like to wear certain accessories such as beads which have their own native name and these men normally wear such items to show to the world that they value their culture and they have pride in wearing that traditional style. Well, I would say that this is still happening today , however, the styles have changed as we now see a mixture of formal style with such regalia , for example, wearing formal shoes such as loafers with that African regalia, Chinese regalia or Native American regalia. It depends on the continent you reside in and the availability of that clothing in that country. Otherwise it is a great style to rock.

It is normal to wear a Blazer with hats and shorts in African regalia

This is another way to style a modern regalia fit by embracing classic wear Items such as sports jackets, blazers and shorts. Remember that a regalia refers to a style with a lot of patterns and decorations and men in Africa normally wear like this. This is a classic style but it has emblems on it such as bringing in a decorated Bonnet hat and pairing that flamboyant style with great looking shoes such as sneakers or loafers.

Until then!! Goodbye my readers

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