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Mix your colors with the rest of the outfit

Don’t have a dull outfit bring in colors from head to toe! Fashion Blogger @ mthobisimagagula showing how its done

Casual wear always looks great on the eye when you start combining different colors using your wardrobe pieces such as t-shirts, trousers and shoes. Seriously, contrast colors are allowed to be worn again even when dressed down.

Don’t fear bright colors

Bright colors are to be explored guys even a color most guys would say it is of the other gender such as Pink yet that is not the case, bright colors will always make you look fresh especially during the summertime.

I recommend starting with colors that are solid such as blue , orange, green, yellow & red on T-shirts, pair them with trousers such as chinos or jeans or any flashy pants. For these shoes you can strip on boots (@ Thursday boots on Instagram has amazing shoe collection with many different colors. Loafers and sneakers will make a great fit as well.

Check for inspiration on social media

There are a lot of stylish guys out there and now things have become easy, social median has everything on the net just by a touch of a button even fashion advice from bloggers such as myself who is addicted to menswear and Instagram. Its not only me, a vast majority of stylish men who always are on point.

I recommend following these accounts below for color inspiration:

  • @ mthobisimagagula
  • @ Vincent luck
  • @ remidee
  • @vitor castro
  • @audreylunda
  • @hamada mooo
  • @mensweardesign
  • @cantimagnet|krum

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2 thoughts on “Mix your colors with the rest of the outfit

  1. I would fail so bad in this regard, because my wardrobe consists of mostly black. In fact, I’m wearing all black right now. I used to be so into fashion during my hairdressing days, but these days, they’ve taken a more utilitarian approach. Then again, I feel like my limited colour palette has helped me focus on other things, like material and silhouettes, so that’s cool. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You’re welcome Stuart. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog posts. I suggest dropping wearing all black because it’s derailing you from being flamboyant and colorful.

    Go for white, brown, grey, orange and purple, trust me these colors are perfect for casual wear

    Liked by 1 person

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