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Discover the best outfits to wear Dads on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day whereby we honor, celebrate, admire, appreciate, cherish and remember the roles that fathers play in our lives and our own families. As always, my men’s fashion and style tips are available to use and practice especially on annual Holiday’s such as “Father’s Day” , so without any further adieu or delay, here are the best styles perfect for fathers on such a special occasion today.

Classy style for the classy dad

Each Dad has his own personal style which he chooses to wear, so for the classy father who has an eye for elegant clothing or apparel, I suggest combining these pieces in your wardrobe to look classy:

Look number 2 – A blazer, turtleneck or poloneck, jeans or trousers in light colors boots, a watch and a great sense of smell, thus is a great scent and perfume.

Look number 3- A coat, t-shirt, formal pants, white sneakers or dress shoes in brown, blue or grey colors, this is typically what is called a semiformal or semi classy style.

Look number 4- A simple white dress shirt or any solid color on a dress shirt pair it with a suit trouser or formal pants and bring in dress shoes such as loafers, double monk but not black formal shoes as those are too formal. Also, don’t forget the belt or wear a good pair of suspenders. Trust me that is a simple classic style dads

Casual style for the casual Dad

Not all fathers want to dress classy due to many reasons such as money issues, affordability and “Not my type of style” feeling.

Below are examples of casual wear looks Dads can wear to:

  • Outewear jackets, sweaters underneath, work shoes/boots and any casual trouser(For the Father who doesn’t pay attention to style but always on the move or out working
  • Hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and a good looking bag(For the father who is younger aged 20s or 30s who loves casual style)
  • Trendy sweaters, branded trousers, sports wear shoes such as Nike/Adidas brand and a cap, gold chains and rings as accessories(This is for the cooler Dad who loves trends yet into casual style)


The best way to celebrate Father’s Day in style is to rock your own style. All in all, I wish all fathers out there a “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” and may they dress nice and stylish until the end of age. Do follow my Instagram page for style pictures and blogs – @mthobisimagagula TILL THEN!!!

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