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Think of your outfit like a building project

Imagine a project that is still new such as building a hotel and that project will be a foundation for a better investment and will yield great returns in the future. A project like that won’t just attract tourists to the newly built hotel but it will make a lasting impression to everyone who will gaze on it. The same can be said about building your outfits from scratch.

Essential tools

Building a hotel needs not only hands but tools that will make it easier to get the job done. When it comes to clothes I suggest bringing tools such as fitted clothes, accessories, skin care routine and shoes. To look good and to make a lasting impression on others wear clothes that fit you, wear accessories that go well with the weather, if it is cold wear cold essentials such as hats that will help withstand the flue symptoms. Also, do try skin care products and select the right shoes for the right outfit for that Weather.

Check your rates

A hotel cannot be built without the disbursement of money and the same applies to mens wear. Before a project is ever started, costs and rates are discussed first without them the project becomes a standstill. Imagine you are starting out from scratch you are a recent graduate and you want to dress in suits of different colors but the issue is that money is tight since you just finished university with a little budget. However once you get a good job in your field of study you can start to wear those suits whilst saving money at the same time to buy quality suits not cheap loose ones. Also, you have to start small whilst building your wardrobe such as buying a suit then bring in other supporting items such as neckties ot bowties , shoes, pocket squares, sunglasses for the sun, belts, socks and lapel pins or tie bars for a flashy yet on point suit.

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1 thought on “Think of your outfit like a building project

  1. Oh wow, this is actually a very nice way to look at fashion. I myself have a pretty minimalist wardrobe (not so much for fashion more than utilitarian, what with 10 black tees and all), but I’d like to think of myself as brutalist architecture, if we’re going to liken our clothes to buildings, lol. Thanks for this!

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