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5 Invisible style hacks that upgrades men

Gentlemen, if you want to upgrade your style and instantly look amazing the entire day, I suggest applying these style hacks that not only improves your appearance but boosts your confidence.

Hack 1- Use skin care products

According to Real Men Real Style (RMRS), using skin care products is the first step towards upgrading your style because such products flourish the skin and by using such products your skin will appear more appealing because looking good starts on the inside like taking care of your body everyday and skin which is the best hack for looking good whilst stylish. Find the right skin care products such as trying out RMRS skin care products such as Vitamin or using other products perfect for your skin trust me you will be amazed.

Hack 2- Wear clothes that command respect

In this department of Style, there is a familiar quote that goes ” looking good isn’t self-importance it is self-respect. To look stylish the entire day just start wearing clothes that will make you respectful to society because that is an invisible style hack you can’t see.

First look at how you dress, do people respect you for that. If you dress like a teenager with pants down , rugged shoes and unironed clothes you will be treated like a slob teenager. I recommend wearing a dress shirt , or button down shirt well pressed and neatly ironed combine it with good looking trousers and shoes and you will be surprised of the good reception you will receive from people you bump into.

Hack 3- Spray yourself with fragrances🔋

You need to have a scent that you can spray on your body because it is not just about your clothes here that are attached to style but it is about the Cologne or perfume you use that will attach people to your look. A man who smells good will always look good.

Hack 4- Buy Quality not Quantity. Less is more in men style _ owning less clothes yet knowing how to affiliate them together is the best strategy of Style that ever existed.

Hack 5- Leverage the power of color_ us color especially in your casual clothes and you will instantly look so stylish. God with colors that match your skin tone.

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2 thoughts on “5 Invisible style hacks that upgrades men

  1. I like the fact that you have your own photos demonstrating your tips, instead of just writing it. That really does set you apart from so many other bloggers, and I feel like you’re on to something here. Keep on keeping on, Mthobisi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Stuart🙏. I will keep creating and using my own visual pictures for my Fashion blogs😊


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