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Benefits of men buying boots

Has the thought of buying boots ever crossed your mind? Well if it hasn’t I would suggest that you think about it again and save money and start buying a boot that will last you a lifetime plus if you already have I would say begin to bring a boot👢 that can be worn even in areas such as hiking and walking not only with your outfit.

Plenty of boots to choose from such as ankle boots👢, combat boots, derby boots, Chelsea boots and more….

1) Boots increase your height and protect your ankles

One of the advantages of buying boots it is no other than this crucial one and that is boots make you look taller and protect your ankles from situations such as slipping and falling on a rainy day for instance. There are so many boots out there as we have combat boots, Chelsea boots, ankle boots, duck boots and the western cowboy boot. Boots come in various sizes and shapes thus when buying one buy one that fits your shoe size, buy comfort and buy a boot that you love and can be interchanged with other outfits other than casual style that is a norm with wearing boots. Did you know that a black boot can be worn with a formal suit? Yes because of the color black it makes the style formal even though boots are casual in nature but that shouldn’t limit you from having an eye for style and selecting the right color for your Boot.

2) Boots allow you to work with ease

If you are the type of guy who works from Monday to Sunday and you are tired of wearing those dress formal shoes in the office, well there is a savior of a shoe that will enable you to work with ease and comfort and that is a good quality boot. Think of this boot I mentioned above, the Chelsea Boot, it is comfortable and the right shoe to be paired with those office clothes such as the dress shirt and necktie. I recommend the color black and try as many boots as possible when shopping for one but get one that will like sharp and exquisite in your office wear. Even if your day job is not in the office but you the guy always on the move hustling so do buy one quality boot that will allow you to hustle without a fuss.

3) Boots are ideal for the fall seasons even on a date

Okay boots are not just shoes you can wear at the office but they are great for the fall season when the temperature gets colder, pressed and windy plus they are good to be worn when going on a date. Trust me why not nullify those sneakers with good looking boots that will make you look taller and give you points when going on a date especially if you are meeting a person on a rainy day since most boot soles have traction and withstand the mud and slippery roads. (For suggestions on where to get such boots online, head over to Instagram & follow @thursdayboots to see all the boots)




8 thoughts on “Benefits of men buying boots

  1. Well, i guess this would help me too (a girl, i mean😛)

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    1. Yes Vidah you need boots👢 they will upgrade your weakest link in your style which are shoes. Thank you for the comment and have an eventful day🙏

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      1. For sure!!
        Have a great day.

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    1. Alright brother you have to, they are ideal because you can dress them up with a suit for example or dress them down with jeans. Thank you Enoble for the comment and have an eventful day🙏


      1. You welcome, thanks for the fashion tips

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  2. 🙂🙃wooww ,you suggested great benefits of boots 🤗🌹nice post

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    1. Thank you so much Kiran💕🙏🙏🙏

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