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Ways to substitute a suit into a casual outfit

Tired of wearing suits? Well there is another alternative gents that will best suit your casual style and that is a substitute for your suit which will match other casual wear items in your wardrobe. A suit is a garment that is made from the same fabric and there are times whereby you are exhausted and you want to dress casually but use one item of that suit. This blog will outline ways to substitute that good suit of yours into a casual attire

  • Instead of wearing a full suit, substitute it with a casual trouser in colors such as white, grey and natural browns then bring in that suit blazer only just like the picture above

• A suit blazer can be substituted with a sports jacket for another business casual style plus a polo shirt instead of a dress shirt can be worn as well.

•Dark colored suits can be substituted to light colored suits in white, pink, brown or red colors which are perfect for a smart casual style and bring in white sneakers they will do the magic

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4 thoughts on “Ways to substitute a suit into a casual outfit

  1. A casual jacket is such an easy way to elevate my style while remaining ‘neutral’ smart. It comes especially handy when I have meetings or interviews in startups where the dress-code is t-shirts and jeans, but I want to look smart.

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    1. Absolutely true Stuart a blazer is a must have if you want to dress smart casual instead of the suit and tie, it just makes you look sharp and it’s a perfect style for events such as interviews, meetings and even fashion shows. Thank you so much for popping by and I appreciate the comment😊🙌🙌


  2. Great look. Versatile and sharp.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the visit💕🙏

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