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Fashion is bigger than you think

In as much as dressing well and being a clothes wearing person is admirable it is not the big picture. Mthobisi, what do you mean by that? You may ask, well I mean the clothing you wear actually covers your body but the most important part that cannot be found uncovered it is the truth about clothes and fashion since it definitely reveals your personality, your style choices and the messages your clothing sends to the world every day you strip on clothing👔👕

1) Fashion reveals your personality

Believe it or not, your fashion items and the way you dress tell people a lot about you and it may sound cliché but it is sincerely true. A man wearing elegant and nice clothes above is perceived as a businessman, rich and of status because of the outer clothing appearance yet a man wearing a hoodie is seen as a casual dude who doesn’t pay attention to fancy dressing.

2) Fashion reveals your style operations and the likelihood of your life choices

Ever heard of the quote “Dress to kill”, well that quote means that you must dress 100% sharp as a gentleman. However, pay attention to the clothing because if you wear a suit, the likelihood of you making it in life Are very high because you look the part and you are ready for success. If you wear a leather jacket , you are perceived as aggressive, dangerous and a bad ass since the jacket instantly makes you to appear as a threat to society.

3) Lastly fashion reveals your channel, messages it passes to the receiver and the entire audience.

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4 thoughts on “Fashion is bigger than you think

  1. WOW!! Such a classy look! I totally agree, what we wear reflects our personality!


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  2. Oh yes, fashion is a great way of showing who we are without opening our mouths. Like a non-verbal way of communicating, saving us the time and effort. Even the lack of it communicates something. Anyway, thanks for this post as usual!

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    1. Yes Stuart you are right about that. Fashion is a non verbal form of communication. Thank you again for visiting this blog post and participating in the comments section😊🙏


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