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Dressing up is a lot of work

The way work is constructed it makes it very difficult for most people to keep up to a point whereby some throw in the towel during the process due to many reasons one of them being pressure and excessive workload. In regards to menswear and fashion, it is also a hard steep and path to take because dressing sharp is not as easy as it seems.

This blog will discuss the problems faced by even us stylists and fashionable people when wearing nice clothes:

What if you don’t have nice clothes in your closet?

This is one problem I believe even every person might have because some have the desire to look the part and to appear stylish yet they don’t own nice clothes. So, how do you then dress sharp without them? Well, if you are not working it doesn’t mean you still can’t dress sharp but having none of the clothes such as suits, ties, boots , loafers, sneakers and amazing jackets can actually make it hard for a guy to dress sharp because there is a missing piece in the puzzle. I recommend, borrowing these clothes to a friend you trust especially if you have an import event to attend such as a workshop, orientation at university or an interview you want to ace. Once you do that you will grab the opportunity first hand because you look professional

Lacking ambition is a hindrance

Okay, his has nothing to do with nice clothes but it has everything to do with lacking a direction in your goals and what you aim to accomplish. Just like Walt Disney’s quote ” All our dreams can come true as Long as we have the courage to pursue them”, I agreed that in life anything is possible for every person even in the fashion corner , a man who dress well dresses for success. I suggest you start changing your negative mindset and swap it with a positive one you will see wonders even in your personal style.

There are style rules to follow

This according to me makes dressing sharp very hard to do because rules can be exhausting to follow when you already have so much that life is throwing at you, why should you follow style rules? You may ask, well I would say rules can be broken especially in the fashion scene because it is safe to do since what you wear it is what you select and no one will arrest or report you for dressing in that orderly fashion

A rule such as wearing a suit with formal shoes was long broken since today we see many men wearing suits with sneakers so why should you worry yourself with dressing rules? Another example can be let’s say you are attending an event and the dress code is “Strictly Formal Wear”, some may actually mix it up a bit and bring in a casual item, I mean no one will report them to the event coordinator that one attendee decided to stand out as long as that person dressed Sharp even if he or she opted for a casual item.

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3 thoughts on “Dressing up is a lot of work

  1. One way to have enough clothes to dress on is by spending on savings sometimes to buy them. Nice blog post.

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    1. Yes Stephen you are right there. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughts. Have a great day🙏


      1. You are most welcome and have a great day too. 🙏

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