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Casual wear is easy to implement

One of the simplest outfits and clothes is no other than casual pieces. However, in as much as this is the go to style for most males, it can be baffling to wear the right casual outfit with that shoe, so to enable easy pickings for your style, below are methods to use when going full casual wear that will match any shoe👟

First method: Analyse the chosen style

The first method it is to analyse the clothes you select, if you are going out during the weekend, you have to inspect the clothes in your wardrobe. First, if it is the weekend, you have to wear a relaxed yet well dressed casual style so jeans, chinos, tank tops/vests if the weather permits, denim jeans and a sport jacket will match with great sneakers in White or Black⬛ solid colors. I would avoid running shoes when going out during the weekend because they are made for running, gyms and walks to long distances. Secondly, add accessories to your style such as : necklace, bracelet or a watch to add flare to your style.

Second method: shoes must look good and match the outfit

There is one thing I have noticed with clothes it is that the right shoe can make the outfit pop and look great while the wrong shoe can make the outfit look louche and dull. To get rid of this scandal, invest in good shoes such as a boot in brown, blue or black color will match any jean, sweater, Shirts , waistcoat and even a summer shirt like a floral🌷🌺💮 shirt. Even people who love clothes will get fixated and not remove their eyes from a good looking shoe

Method 3: add as much color as you can

I have actually published a blog about “MIX YOUR COLORS WITH THE REST OF THE OUTFIT” and in addition to that, casual wear is called casual because you get to dip into casual tones of colors such as pink, red, orange, purple, light blue, brighter greens 🌱 and other bright tones. If you adore street style, a dope orange tee shirt with those ripped jeans or any fitted jeans and White sneakers, oh yeah!!! that will look ver cool.

Method 4: bigger prints on a casual shirt are fine as long as you have the right shoe to support it

I know other gents may not like T-shirts as I have worshipped and talked about them in the methods above and that is fine since style is a personal choice and all males have their preference. So, if you like shirts such as dress shirts or flannels , I recommend smaller prints than bigger prints since most shoes don’t match well with big patterns

Fifth method: don’t sweat about casual sweaters

There is no need to be stressed about sweaters gents, casual sweaters such as crew neck sweaters


6 thoughts on “Casual wear is easy to implement

  1. Very important tips.
    I enjoyed it 🤝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you brother for your input. I’m glad you liked the tips and I hope you will use them in your casual wardrobe👊👏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure, I will use them ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Luisa for stopping by and leaving your view on my blog. Have a great Sunday😊👏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re highly welcome!
        A happy Sunday to you, as well ❣️


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