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Thinking of an outfit on a Sunday is the ideal way of starting the week with confidence

What goes through your head on a daily basis is what you definitely want to do and the same thought can be used in selecting outfits especially on a Sunday which is the first day of a brand new week, so are you going to wear a suit? Are you going to be casual? Are you going to even think of looking stylish regardless of the dress code? Well those questions can be answered below as I challenge your mind to wear the Best outfits which are ideal for starting the week with confidence.

1- Select an outfit based on the goals you want to achieve each week

Whether you are a Churchgoer or not, the outfit you have already picked in your head before actually wearing it will be the deciding factor as to are you ready to achieve those goals even if small or not. For example, when I want to go to church, that morning I usually think what is it that I want to do this week? It may be you want to make money as a goal, well wear a suit gentlemen, that way your business will look ready to be conducting business with clients. It may be you want a job, well wear formal clothes even if it is not a 3 piece suit but a dress shirt and a tie plus watch as a stylish accessory. It may be that this week, you want to do music and be a music producer, well still dress nice even if your industry and environment is a casual one. There is nothing wrong with wearing the above outfits even when attending church services it will remind you what needs to be done this week.

2- Select an outfit such as a turtleneck, sweater, blazer and coat as a base for your style which will signal a man of integrity

A man of integrity is one who does what is right, who is trusted with the little things and is able to handle confidential information, even in fashion, a man with a coat, turtleneck and a blazer is perceived as a man with purpose of looking great by paying attention to the base of his clothes such as wearing the above items that signals that he is ready to go.

3- Your Sunday’s best shows that you are putting your best foot forward in seeing a successful outcome in your goals

I really believe that a man who wears his Best clothes on a Sunday regardless of whether they are expensive, cheap or new is a sign that he wants to see a great result in his own goals at the end of the day, so he then gets more confident in his clothes and himself to a point whereby every Sunday he wants to look great to be able to meet those goals set forth and conquer themโœ”

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