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A fashionable man is a proactive man

Men who love fashion and style are still considered proactive individuals who know what they want from life and are developing definite plans to achieve what they want in life. How can you tell?, you may ask, well their dress codes and ability to dress well every day is an indication that they are going far in life.

1/ Men who dress well are always informed about life goals

Think about it for a second, men who always dress well are aware of what life is and they dress for themselves and for what they want to accumulate and get from this world.

2/ Men who dress well possess the power of being good bosses

A fashionable man who wears nice clothing whether they are expensive or inexpensive possesses the chances of being a good boss of a company one day.

3/Men who dress well entice people to support their businesses

A man with great style and I don’t mean wearing a suit all the time but I mean casual wear will propel people to support that man’s business.

4/ Men who dress well are good planners

Believe it or not, men who have great sense of style are perceived as good planners who plan carefully their time, life and schedules before hand.

5/ Men who dress well are a perfect fit for advertisements such as TV commercials

Ever seen a TV commercial with a man who dressed horribly?? Well maybe a few but the vast majority of them are dressed sharp when products such as Nivea Men are advertised on our screens and this is done to influence the public to buy the brand.


2 thoughts on “A fashionable man is a proactive man

  1. Yes absolutely ☺️ very right

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  2. Thank you! I’m delighted to find out you like my postπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


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