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Good looking clothes are like good companions

A wardrobe full of clothes can actually confuse a man when electing the right outfit , be it for work, for outdoor, for taking a walk, for a dinner party or any formal and informal function. Thus, bringing together the best and amazing pieces of your clothes makes you to look good just like having a good bunch of friends.

1) Great friends think alike so should great outfits

Ever heard of the quote “Birds of the same feathers fly together”, well that statement is true because just as birds fly together in one direction so do good friends, they run together, spend time together and assist each other. The same statement can be said and applied in the wardrobe department. For example, you are having a wedding ceremony soon and you need the right suit for your body type, if you have lots of shirts and neckties but few suits, combining the ideal suit can be exhausting with all these shirts and ties, I suggest wearing a suit that goes well with the theme of the ceremony. For example, if the wedding theme is a black and white attire, usually men are suppose to wear ” BLACK TIE” suit not odd shirts and ties with the black suit such as a red shirt with green tie, it will look too colorful.

2) Just received a good looking cloth start wearing it

If you have got a good cloth as a gift from your friend or family member, I suggest wearing that cloth as soon as possible , I know it sounds funny but this is what you want to do, you don’t want to rock the same styles every month. For instance, if you got good boots this month but your style is more of formal such as wearing dress shoes, it is time to embark on another style, try Street styles, try smart casual styles which look great with those boots.

3) Fashion accounts on social media are a source of good companions for your outfits

The era we live in is evolving and social media is a great tool for feeding your mind with style tips that fashion bloggers such as myself provide, stylists, brand ambassadors and consultants give out to the audience, trust me you will find an Instagram page that you will treat like your best buddy because it will inspire you to dress well.


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