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Look cool this festive season with casual outfits

The festive season is upon us gentlemen and you know what that means for style lovers, having fun with your colorful outfits. So, this article will cover three parts namely: comfort, fit and preference.

Wear your colorful clothing this Xmas, even your sweaters make you look cool.


The most vital thing when choosing to wear an outfit is comfortableness. Guys, mm when it comes to outfits, opt for clothes that will fit you in that way worrying about comfort will be the last thing in your mind.

There is a common quote used in the fashion industry that is casual wear means comfort and not sloppiness. Festive time means getting those casual items such as sandals, sneakers, T-shirts and tank tops out of your closet, this is the time to be cheerful that will propel others to absorb that mood you are having. Imagine wearing tight pants in public that will make your legs crumble or collide and even break , how will people address you if you look like a flow ? Why not wear an item that will elevate your swag?

I suggest colorful pieces during this summer season such as T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and stylish jeans. Avoid baggier and loose fittings and that takes me to my next subtopic: FIT


There is a reference from Real Men Real Style that says “fit, function and fabric” and these three wirds are key guys in the style game. No matter how expensive the garment or clothes are , without the right fit there will be sloppy, either you get rid of them, don’t buy then or get them tailored to fit your body size.

Wouldn’t it be the best Christmas gift ever if you tailor your clothes because I guarantee you will look much better than loose fittings.

Personal Preference

With clothing no matter how much style advice I give you guys, if you aren’t willing to sleet your clothes for yourself, then you are in boiling water because you will be tempted to wear Something that doesn’t suit you. On top of that don’t copy someone else’s style or outfit or dress code, just be unique and try clothes that suit your body size.

For summer seasons I personally prefer the following looks:

  • Smart casual
  • Street style
  • Simple casual

5 thoughts on “Look cool this festive season with casual outfits

  1. Cool, nice outfits. Haven’t worn this stylish in a whole. Mine mostly scrubs and active wear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha😂, you should try casual looks like solid colors for starters like black, blue or white then pair them with fitted jeans, chinos or linen pants and choose any shoe you like as long as they are not running shoes. Lastly, accessorize👓😎⌚️

      Casual wear is comfortable and not sloppy if you apply the principles listed in my blog📱

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. My favorite is black actually. Black shirt with black joggers or adidas soccer pants. Scrubs black too but been alternating it with colors like orange and blue depending on the mood. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting blog theme you have here. Very rarely do I see men’s fashion blogs here on WordPress, so this was refreshing. Nice post too. I myself have started experimenting with loose silhouettes now. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Stuart🙏. I have a burning passion for fashion so I thought why not start a blog to share my outfit ideas💯


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