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Dandy Icons Eswatini in a basketball photoshoot

The black dandy movement which is all about expressing ideas and thoughts in the form of clothing, dressing outfits, class and elegance has shifted the matrix a bit when it comes to photo shoots by going for a Basketball Photo shoot in Mbabane the capital city of Eswatini with three dandies sweating it out in the basketball court.

The dandies who wore street style outfits decided to change settings by busting a move in the Basketball court to showcase their creativity through style and men’s wear. The shoot was graced by the services of Eskimo Visuals who happen to take awesome and cool shots📸 of 3 dandies namely @sesiphelelekhanyinji @siphosakhemcity & @thabisocabil

Dandies in street style

It is a no brainier when it comes to street style outfits in a Basketball court because the dress code is plain as day that it is a swag casual vibe and these dandies definitely showed that even when playing basketball, a man can still look fresh.

Street style according to my knowledge involves production, promotion and resale of causal fashions such as T-shirts and sneakers as you see the illustration above , the dandies looking cool in all white sneakers. The street wear style is of an advertised format as it seeks to create awareness about the style, clothing and the message this style sends.

Briefly about Dandy Icons

Dandy Icons is a society and culture movement which places sole focus on expression of ideas in the form of clothes that sends a message to the society about the importance of dressing well, looking sharp and elegant. A dandy is basically a clothes wearing man whose focus is not only on clothes but on etiquette and good manners for there is a men's style quote that goes like this" clothes maketh the man and naked people have no influence in society" this means that the clothes you wear send a message to society and people will either treat you with respect or shoot you down because of the wrong message the outfit sends. 

The movement was established in 2018 by lead founder Sesiphelele Khanyiji based in Mbabane, Eswatini ( @sesiphelelekhanyiji on Instagram) The page "Dandy Icons" can be searched on Facebook and liked as well.

By Mthobisi Magagula
Dandy Icons Eswatini Project Planner & Blogger

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