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Shirts with no collars; the ideal Friday Outfit

Shirts with no collars are the ideal Friday Outfit, what do I mean about that? Well the answer lies in one word “Style” and these collars are stylish in such a way that they can be worn by themselves or layered with other items in your wardrobe such as a Leather jacket, bomer jacket, Suit Jacket or Trucker Jacket.

One of the obvious shirts with no collars are the Band collar shirts also known as the Collarless Shirt which has been a men’s icon statement since the 1920’s. According to this shirt has plenty of nicknames such as the Band Collar, Collarless and Grandad collar.

Benefits of wearing the Collarless shirt:

  • It can be worn by itself , buttoned or Unbuttoned
  • Can easily be dressed under a blazer

So think about this gents, you want to dress up but in a casual setting, so which shirt should you choose? Don’t sweat it guys, the Collarless shirt should be your go to option especially if it’s sunny outside. If it’s cold like the current season here in Eswatini, you can easily wear it under a blazer, jacket or Cardigan to look fresh yet at the same time letting the clothes to speak up for you that you care about image and presentation.

A Collarless shirt needs other items such as accessories to make the Outfit pop, so sunglasses are the ideal choice if it’s sunny, if it’s cold, a beanie works well, a jacket that’s casual too and bracelets.

Lastly gentlemen keep it simple, I personally like to keep things simple when dessing up hence the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Below are examples of Collarless shirts and how to wear them!

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