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How to look your best for after work occasions?

Stepping out after work to meet up with friends or family or to visit places with astonishing views and backgrounds for photography purposes needs a man to dress up for the occasion.

A perfect way to rock style from work wear to casual wear to catch up with your buddies.


To appear more dapper and relaxed after work can be a daunting task especially if you have to meet up with friends or family but this does not have to be the most difficult thing ever, the answer lies in two words: Outfit-combination

1) Combining Blazers with odd trousers & shirts

Combine your Blazers with odd trousers such as chinos & solid dress shirts for after work occasions for a dapper look.

The first element in appearing more lite and relaxed is to ditch the neckties if you were wearing one after work, wear dress shirts unbuttoned or go for polo shirts and checked shirts for a cool style.

For the trousers go for chinos or odd trousers in different colors or jeans but not ripped jeans , those tend to look great with tank tops and t-shirts. For the shoes, go for a pair of chukkas, Boots if it’s cold and sneakers considerably solid white or black they will do the trick because you are not going to the office so black formal shoes are a no go area, in fact don’t even think about those.

Changing outfits from Work wear to Casual Wear

1) Combining T-shirts with trousers.

If the weather permits, t-shirts are ideal for the condition. A nice plain and solid t-shirt with little designs. I highly recommend it and it is the best to choose because they can go alongside jeans and colorful pants. The shoes just be sneakers, avoid sandals unless you are planning a getaway vacation to the beach.

If its hot outside, these are ideal and a no brainer for post work socialising.

Colognes and Grooming

For this blog, I have invited a collaboration from Gift Ideas which is a Cologne collection owned by Anthony on Pinterest. The best Colognes ever gents, I highly recommend you check him on Pinterest or follow him as well.

An expensive outfit on a man looks great but if there are a few key items missing, it is worthless.

Owning a pair of Colognes, Perfumes and fragrances is all it takes to finish the missing factor of style. Grooming as well, have a box where you store shaving gels and nail cleaners and hair products. You will get to

One of the Colognes and fragrances by Gift Ideas. To make you smell as good as you look.

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