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The Purpose of a Well dressed Man

When it comes to style, a gentleman has to have purpose in wearing the clothes.

The quote “Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence in society” is evident in the way we dress and how the outside world makes quick assumptions and judgements based on your dress code.

Before a man utters a single word to another person, already that person has studied your appearance and he or she can either greet you with respect or totally ignore you and go about their way, which is why it is key to dress professionally, appropriately and neat because you may never know who you will meet along the way.

Wearing a blazer makes you mature and it shows that you care about your image.

I am not saying wearing a blazer everyday is necessary but you do need to wear comfortable clothing whether you are going for a casual look or Formal look, the fit and comfy of your clothes is crucial to appear your best out there.

How your personal appearance affects you?

1) The Transformation effect

The power of clothing is that it has the ability to transform a person’s state of mind. Dress like a professional businessman and you are likely to act like one. Students who take a test are more likely to perform exceptionally well when they are perfectly dressed. This effect is so powerful yet few people use it to their advantage.

2) Dressing well improves self-discipline

A person who dresses professionally learns the value of self-discipline. They learn that planning and allocating enough time to get consistent results. They think through their day, anticipate their needs and act on it.

You can still dress appropriately even when wearing casual clothes.

3) Appreciation and Respect

Lastly, a well dressed man will acquire respect and appreciation from people through his overall outfit. A gentleman looks much better when he is wearing well fitted and pressed clothes that make him look respectful in the eyes of society.

How a respected man should dress!

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