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Hats can upgrade your style

If you want to up your style game, hats are just the item you need to look your very best and conquer the day with confidence.

Now there are tons of hats out there but you need to understand the different types of hats and how to match them with pieces in your wardrobe.

Types of hats:

  • Ascot hats
  • Flap Caps
  • Newsboy
  • Panama Hat
  • Fedora hats
  • Browler
  • Western hats
  • Boater
A gentleman wearing a Panama Hat. Stylish yet simple.

The type of Outfit affects your choice of hats

When choosing a hat, a man can actually evaluate if the hat is perfect for that type of clothing. When wearing a Suit, hats like top hats are ideal and they will make you stand out. Also, when the temperatures spike up, a hat is the best accessory to wear.

Hats that look fine in formal wear

A black tie looks great with a Top Hat.

Hats that look fine in Casual Wear

Mr Okan @mrokan on Instagram. A very stylish man.

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