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Why a Dress Shirt Looks Cooler this Season?

When it come to cooler clothes in menswear, a crisp clean dress shirt is going to be one of the cooler items for this season. This is a classic shirt that keeps evolving but will never go out of style.

In this blog genlteman, I will cover eight types of dress shirts out there in clothing stores and why they are a cooler item to own.

A Crisp Clean dress shirt.

Outlining the 8 types of dress shirts

1. Bonobos Tuxedo Dress Shirt

2. Ministry of Supply Apollo Dress Shirt

3. Rhone Commuter Dress Shirts

4. Lululemon Commission Shirt

5. Uniqlo Easy Care Shirt

6. Everlane Slim Fit Shirt

7. J. Crew Ludlow Cotton Dress Shirts

8. Brooks Brothers Relaxed Fitted Shirts

Bonobos Tuxedo Dress Shirt

A Tuxedo Shirt

This is one of the shirts that are common in formal Wear especially when there’s an evening event, men usually wear this type of a dress shirt. So, for a formal setting such as Suits and tuxedos, stick to this shirts gents.

Ministry of Supply Apollo Dress Shirt

White Dress Shirts by Ministry of Supply.

According to Men’s Health by Christine, this shirt is 19 times more breathable than traditional cotton shirting and they regulate your core temperatures in time. So gents, if you want breathability, comfort and want to look cool, check ministry of Supply shirts.

Lululemon Commission Dress Shirts

Lululemon Commission Shirt. Men’s Health says these are very casual.

This is a long sleeve shirt, like most dress shirts but this shirt is one of the softest shirts to keep around. They usually have one pocket or no pocket at all. Men’s Health states that these shirts are good for casual wear.

Uniqlo Easy Care Shirt

Uniqlo Shirt.

Men’s Health by Christine states that basically uniqlo shirts are fashion world’s best shirts in that they are inexpensive, have small patterns and details like buttons in the sleeves and on the end corners of the top collar. They are casual yet cool for the summer season.

Everlane Slim Fit Shirt

A white dress shirt with stripes.

This is a dress shirt that has stripes or patterns, simple patterns to add some detail. This shirt is one that from afar you can swear it is a white solid color but when you get up close you see the black striped pattern. One of the most reliable shirts to wear in an interview or business meeting.

J. Crew Ludlow Cotton Shirt

One of the J. Crew Ludlow Cotton Shirts. With gingham lines and micro gingham lines/stripes.

One of the kind of shirts gents, this shirt has more texture, feel and patterns that sometimes makes one unsure whether to wear it in casual wear or in formal wear such as Suits. Men’s Health by Christine states that its the type of pattern that determines which style to wear it on. This shirt has gingham lines and micro gingham lines.

The shirt with gingham lines is veering much into casual wear whilst the microgingham shirt line is veering into formal style , it’s a little less casual.

A short sleeve shirt with a gingham line. It’s more casual and good for hot weather.
This is a long sleeve dress shirt with microgingham lines, very solid and thick lines. This shirt can be worn with a tie. It is different from the one above because it has no pockets on the sides

Rhone Commuter Dress Shirt

A light pink Commuter Dress Shirt.

This shirt is made for athletic men, men who are in shape, men who have more muscles in their shoulders, this is the shirt for them. This Rhone Shirt has enough stretch to keep your back and shoulders comfy as you move. I think it is safe to say that these shirts have more solid colors and can be worn in formal see with a Necktie and even in a smart casual outfit.

Brook Brothers Relaxed Fitted Shirt

A light grey brooks brothers dress shirt. Similar to the uniqlo dress shirt.

Shirts that look cool in casual wear

One example of a dress shirt you can wear when going for a casual outfit.

Striped Shirts work well in a casual attire as well. Paired with Jeans for a cool look.

Shirts that look Cool in formal Wear

For a formal look, a crisp clean dress shirt is key!
Formal Wear goes well with solid white dress shirt for a Dapper Look.

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