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Choosing the right colors for your summer wardrobe.

Gents, choosing colors for your summer wardrobe is somehow a mammoth task because of the hassle of combining outfits together. However, it can be easy and interesting when done right.

Colors that work well for Spring and summer

Research shows that the following color trends affect mens choice of color during the summer :

Factors affecting color trends this summer:

1) Skin Color of the individual

2) Hair color

3)Physical attributes of the wearer

4) Body Size


Considering Weather Conditions When Choosing Color

It is key to consider weather gentleman, I know some may ask themselves, Mthobisi, what do you mean? Fashion beans shows that there are different colors that suit the changing weather. If it’s vey Hot outside , go for light colors to cool off your body and select breathable clothes.

If it’s raining outside, because summer Time means rain , bring in those jackets, casual ones will surface and they can be layered with your t-shirts and chinos or casual trousers.

Colors that work well for the summer

Neutral Colors

These are colors that include stone, white and pale grey. These colors work well gents if you don’t want to bring in bright colors or something really vivid. I suggest matching neutrals with chinos and light colored pants in whites and brown colors.

Neutral Colors paired with light colored trousers.

A great summer collection style to wear Gents.

Earthy Colors

These colors are natural and have an earthy feel to it. These include: browns and greens. For example, the color green evokes emotions of encouragement and stability. Gents, you can bring in green🌴🌳 in your casual wear, such as : pocket squares if you wearing light colored linen blazers , t-shirts , Shorts and sunglasses. This color is so versatile that it

Green T-shirts & Shoes.

Another earthy color is brown Gents. This color evokes emotions of reliability a sense of strength and safety. It’s a very solid color just like the earth. Brown works well with shorts for summer, linen shirts for a much more relaxed and cool look.

Bright Colors

This is no doubt one of the most worn colors associated with summer. I agree gents, bring in those light colors for a flamboyant style, the pinks, light blues, yellow, red and odd colors like Purple & gold.

A variety of ways to bring in bright colors this summer

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