The Purpose of a Well dressed Man

When it comes to style, a gentleman has to have purpose in wearing the clothes. The quote “Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence in society” is evident in the way we dress and how the outside world makes quick assumptions and judgements based on your dress code. Before a manContinue reading “The Purpose of a Well dressed Man”

Hats can upgrade your style

If you want to up your style game, hats are just the item you need to look your very best and conquer the day with confidence. Now there are tons of hats out there but you need to understand the different types of hats and how to match them with pieces in your wardrobe. TypesContinue reading “Hats can upgrade your style”

Choosing the right colors for your summer wardrobe.

Gents, choosing colors for your summer wardrobe is somehow a mammoth task because of the hassle of combining outfits together. However, it can be easy and interesting when done right. Research shows that the following color trends affect mens choice of color during the summer : Factors affecting color trends this summer: 1) Skin ColorContinue reading “Choosing the right colors for your summer wardrobe.”

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