The simpler the better

There is this amazing quote by style icon Cary Grant that goes like this, “All it takes are a few simple outfits and there is one secret the simpler the better”. This quote right here says it all about your personal style that in whatever you decide to strip on keep it simple. Have lessContinue reading “The simpler the better”

Dressing up is a lot of work

The way work is constructed it makes it very difficult for most people to keep up to a point whereby some throw in the towel during the process due to many reasons one of them being pressure and excessive workload. In regards to menswear and fashion, it is also a hard steep and path toContinue reading “Dressing up is a lot of work”

Fashion is not for the wealthy it is for the willing

Whosever said in order to look dazzling and awesome you need to have lots of money at your disposal, I beg to differ, even a person who doesn’t have much cash can still put together an outfit and come out looking like a millionaire๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ณ This blog will discuss the options to use for you toContinue reading “Fashion is not for the wealthy it is for the willing”

Casual wear is easy to implement

One of the simplest outfits and clothes is no other than casual pieces. However, in as much as this is the go to style for most males, it can be baffling to wear the right casual outfit with that shoe, so to enable easy pickings for your style, below are methods to use when goingContinue reading “Casual wear is easy to implement”

How to dress like a boss man?

To dress like a boss is not a walk in the park, a man who wants to look like a Boss needs to utilize and practice wearing outfits that will enable you to appear like a boss even if you are not a boss of a company. This article will bombard your brain with tonsContinue reading “How to dress like a boss man?”

There is no gun pointed at you so wear what you want

I have never heard of someone who got arrested or shot for wearing awful clothes even fashion police aren’t real to perform this arrests because when it comes to fashion gents, it is all about being free, liberated and selective in your clothing and the message you want to send to the public based onContinue reading “There is no gun pointed at you so wear what you want”

Thinking of an outfit on a Sunday is the ideal way of starting the week with confidence

What goes through your head on a daily basis is what you definitely want to do and the same thought can be used in selecting outfits especially on a Sunday which is the first day of a brand new week, so are you going to wear a suit? Are you going to be casual? AreContinue reading “Thinking of an outfit on a Sunday is the ideal way of starting the week with confidence”

Ways to infuse a white T-shirt with style

A white T-shirt shouldn’t be out of style but it should be worn with other supporting items in the wardrobe for a spectacular look perfect for any occasion. The white T-shirt must embrace its cleanliness by layering it with suits, jackets or on its own but with details on it. Below are ways to fillContinue reading “Ways to infuse a white T-shirt with style”

Don’t leave the room until you are satisfied with your outfit

Written & Edited by Mthobisi Magagula Here is the trick with outfits, they tend to mess with your head if you spot a bit of error in the outfit. For instance, you want to wear a denim look such as a denim on denim style from head to toe but once you put the clothesContinue reading “Don’t leave the room until you are satisfied with your outfit”

Good looking clothes are like good companions

A wardrobe full of clothes can actually confuse a man when electing the right outfit , be it for work, for outdoor, for taking a walk, for a dinner party or any formal and informal function. Thus, bringing together the best and amazing pieces of your clothes makes you to look good just like havingContinue reading “Good looking clothes are like good companions”

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