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Style is like being the captain of your ship and a master of your own fate

Looking at the origins of clothes you get to realize that clothes started with having an eye and being able to combine something to wear on your body, for example, take the cashmere sweater , that sweater was made from goats skin, this means that whosever thought of creating, sewing and manufacturing the sweater began adopting his or her own style just like a captain who takes charge and adopts a way forward to ensure the ship is intact and doesn’t sink leading to chaos that can cause disaster to the other people inside the ship🚢

Adopt your own style just like a captain

Look at the above paragraph to be able to come up and formulate your own personal style. If you love wearing shorts for instance, instead of long trousers, research ways to style shorts like a captain. Imagine you are a captain, think of an outfit suitable for that title, I suggest if you like casual wear, even formal garments such as dress shirts, Oxford shirts and even sports jackets will work evenly with those linen shorts.

A master is a pro in tactics so be a pro in your style

To be a master of your own fate, you need to know and conquer tactics no matter how hard they are. The same can be said about style, you need to conquer and know it to be a captain of your own style. There is this amazing quote by Master Mohammed Ali when he once said, ” I don’t follow fashion trends so much as I try to find clothes that make me look good because that will never go out of style”. This quote says it all, finding clothes that make you look good is the right way to be master of style.

Stand out from the crowd as a captain of style

I have never seen a captain dress like an ordinary man. He wears clothes that command authority so that people treat him and refer to him as the Captain. For example, those in the navy force know their captain’s uniform with a name tag that spells out CAPTAIN/ ADMIRAL. You don’t have to dress like a captain of a ship but you can dress sharp like a captain of your own style. One way to do this is if you love wearing suits I suggest wearing a suit with accessories such as pocket squares and cufflinks or a tie bar to stand out from a sea of suits out there. Doing So will enable you to become a master of your own fate and a captain of your own style.



4 thoughts on “Style is like being the captain of your ship and a master of your own fate

  1. This post reminded me of the poem Invictus by William Henley. Were you thinking of that, or were you using ‘captain of your own ship’ in general? Either way, thanks for yet another nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Stuart for stopping by. Yes I wanted to write like that captain of a ship it is an idea I got from a movie: Pirates of the Carribbean


  2. To be captain of your own ship is better than having a mutiny on your hands. I’ll remember to dress well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t say😳. Thank you so much for reading this blog, it means a lot that you want to dress well which is the mission of this website, it is to help men dress better. Have a great day sir😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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